14.01: Aquaculture Raised Hybrid Striped Bass

(1) Purpose and Scope. Aquaculture raised hybrid striped bass (Morone saxatilis x Morone chrysops) produced for market create a potential outlet for undersized striped bass that could undermine management and enforcement goals. Since aquaculture raised hybrid striped bass are readily shipped and marketed in all parts of the country, regulations governing transport, handling, and sale are most effective if standardized among states. For this reason, 322 CMR 14.00 is drafted to be consistent with provisions of Resolution IV adopted by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission at their 48th annual meeting on October 25, 1989.

(2) Hybrids. Whole aquaculture raised striped bass shall have a tag or label affixed to each fish container holding fish in accordance with 322 CMR 14.01(2)

(3) Fillets. Fillets from aquaculture raised hybrid striped bass shall have the skin attached.

(4) Tags and Labels. All tags and labels affixed to containers of whole aquaculture raised hybrid striped bass and fillets from aquaculture raised hybrid striped bass shall be clearly marked Hybrid Striped Bass and provide the following information:

(a) state of origin,

(b) Name and address of shipping and receiving dealers,

(c) permit number of shipping and receiving dealers,

(d) date shipped,

(e) net weight of container.

(5) Nomenclature. It is unlawful for any person to market, promote, advertise or sell whole hybrid striped bass or hybrid striped bass fillets as "striped bass". Only the term "hybrid striped bass" shall be used when marketing, promoting, advertising or selling at retail hybrid striped bass and hybrid striped fillets.


M.G.L. c. 130.

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