The 2012/2013 spiny dogfish fishery remains open in Massachusetts for both state and federally permitted commercial fishermen.  As of October 31st, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Northern Region (ME-CT) spiny dogfish quota of 17,153,856 lbs had 1,855,967 lbs remaining.

In recent years the ASMFC Northern Region quota and the Federal Period 1 spiny dogfish quotas have been met prior to November 1st.  In those years when the quotas were reached, DMF has prohibited the landing of dogfish through the end of the fishing year (May 1 – April 30) because the Commonwealth observed the ASMFC Northern Region quota closure.  Because this year the Northern Region quota has not yet been met, fishermen may continue to land and sell spiny dogfish in the Commonwealth until the ASMFC Northern Region quota is reached.  Based on the recent landings rate, DMF’s Statistics Project projects the quota may not be filled until early winter, however that could change if catch rates change.