Herring Management Areas

Consistent with federal and interstate action and 322 CMR § 9.05, the Director of the Division of Marine Fisheries (MarineFisheries) is closing the directed Management Area 1A Atlantic herring fishery.  This closure is effective at 0001 hours (12:01 AM) on October 15, 2013.  This closure will remain in effect until June 1, 2014. The closure is being enacted as the National Marine Fisheries Service has projected that 95% of the 2013 Area 1A total allowable catch has been harvested. 

From 0001 hours on October 15, 2013 until June 1, 2014, vessels may continue to retain and land an incidental catch of Atlantic herring from Management Area 1A, provided it does not exceed 2,000 lbs per day or trip, whichever is longer.  This action does not affect the catch, retention and landing of sea herring caught from other management areas; vessels transiting Area 1A with more than 2,000 lbs of Atlantic herring caught from other open areas must have all seine and mid-water trawl gear stowed.

The legal notice for the quota closure can be found here pdf format of Atlantic Sea Herring Inshore Management Area 1A

For further information please visit our website at: www.mass.gov/marinefisheries