Herring Spawning Area Map

Spawning Closure: The Massachusetts/New Hampshire Atlantic sea herring spawning area closure is in effect from Monday, September 9, 2013 through midnight on Sunday, October 6, 2013 [322 CMR 9.03(3)]. This closure is being implemented because commercial catch sampling has indicated that the gonad somatic index (GSI) trigger has been reached. During this closure it is unlawful for any commercial fishing vessel to possess in excess of 2,000 pounds of sea herring taken from the spawning closure area [322 CMR 9.03(4)]. The Director may extend the spawning closure beyond October 6 if herring landings indicate that spawning is still occurring [322 CMR 9.03(2)]. 

Spawning Area Boundaries: Begin at the intersection of 43°30' N latitude and the Maine coast, then in a SW direction along the coast to the intersection of 70°00' W longitude with the Cape Cod shoreline, then north along 70°00' W to its intersection with 43°30' N latitude, then along the 43°30' N line back to the coast.