The Division of Marine Fisheries has determined that approximately 50,000 lbs of the annual striped bass quota remains. To provide an opportunity for fishermen to harvest the remaining quota while limiting the risk of a substantial overage, MarineFisheries is re-opening the commercial striped bass fishery one Sunday at a time, beginning with Sunday, September 1, 2013. The standard possession limit of 5 fish per Sunday remains in place; this limit applies to any individual fisherman fishing from shore or to any vessel regardless of the number of individually licensed commercial fishermen aboard. The trip limit is per vessel and per day regardless of the number of trips taken.

The fishery will re-close at 0001 hours on Monday, September 2, 2013. MarineFisheries will then compile the landings and determine whether the fishery can be re-opened for an additional Sunday. Any quota overage will reduce the 2014 quota by an equivalent amount.

Harvesters who participate in the re-opened fishery and have already pre-submitted their trip-level report covering the month of September will need to submit an amended report for September (or enter their positive trip(s) if reporting electronically). Reports covering the month of September are due no later than October 15. Failure to submit these reports in a timely manner for all months of the year, regardless of whether the permit was fished, may result in the delay of the renewal of your commercial fishing permit and its endorsements in 2014. Paper based trip-level reports should be sent to: DMF Statistics Project, 30 Emerson Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930. Blank forms and instructions were mailed out with your 2013 commercial permit; additional copies and other helpful info can be obtained at: Trip-Level Reporting.

Dealers are reminded that wild-caught striped bass imported into Massachusetts shall meet or exceed 34” from Sunday, September, 1 through Friday, September 6. Imported fish must bear a tag designating the state of origin.