For Immediate Release - April 24, 2014

4/24/14 Gulf of Maine Recreational Cod and Haddock Rules

On April 21, NOAA Fisheries announced revisions to the federal rules for recreationally caught Gulf of Maine (GOM) cod and haddock to take effect on May 1, 2014. For GOM cod, the size limit is increased by two inches and the closed season is lengthened by two months. For GOM haddock, a daily bag limit is implemented and the closed season is lengthened by four months. Refer to NOAA Fisheries’ press release for full details:

Due to the late timing of NOAA Fisheries’ announcement, the federal and state rules for recreationally caught GOM cod and haddock will have significant differences beginning May 1 and until further notice of any changes to the state regulations. The Division of Marine Fisheries and the Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission will discuss emergency action to amend the state regulations for recreationally caught GOM cod and haddock at a May 8, 2014 business meeting. Any amendments to the state regulations will be announced in a subsequent Advisory.

This Advisory seeks to clarify which rules recreational anglers are required to follow based on the type of permit held and/or fishing location.

  • State Rules (see below) apply to recreational anglers fishing in state waters (0 to 3 miles from shore), provided they are not fishing from a federally-permitted vessel.
  • Federal Rules apply to recreational anglers fishing in federal waters (3 to 200 miles from shore), as well as recreational anglers fishing from federally-permitted vessels in state or federal waters.

Current State Recreational Regulations

SpeciesSeasonPossession Limit (per person per day)Size Limit
GOM CodApril 16 – October 319 fish19”
November 1 – April 15Private Anglers: 2 fish (75 lbs/vessel)19”
For-Hire Vessels: ClosedNA
GOM HaddockJanuary 1 – December 31No limit21”

Note that additional closed areas apply. For more information on state regulations, refer to the Recreational Fishing webpage of the Division’s website:

Contact the Division of Marine Fisheries at 617-626-1520 with any questions.