On August 7, 2014, National Marine Fisheries Service announced that 90% of the federal 2014 Trimester 2 (May 1 – August 31) longfin squid quota was harvested. In accordance with federal regulations, NMFS established a 2,500 lb longfin squid trip limit for the remainder of Trimester 2; this limit will go into effect on August 11, 2014.

To complement this federal action in state waters, the Director of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (MarineFisheries) has declared an interim longfin squid trip limit of 2,500 during the period of 0001 hours on August 11, 2014 through 2359 hours on August 31. During this period it is unlawful for any vessel to catch, possess or land more than 2,500 pounds of longfin squid while in the waters under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth. At 0001 on September 1, 2014, vessels may begin to catch, possess and land in excess of 2,500 pounds of longfin squid. This declaration has been made pursuant to 322 CMR § 6.39(2). 

For more information about the management of longfin squid and other fish species in Massachusetts please visit our website at: www.mass.gov/marinefisheries.