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The Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission is a nine member board, representing recreational and commercial fishing interests (including seafood dealers), from various parts of the Massachusetts coast. The MFC was established by the Legislature in 1961, and its members are “qualified in the field of marine fisheries by training and experience.” Commissioners are appointed by the governor to three-year terms, and attend monthly business meetings as well as public hearings. Proposed regulatory changes are approved or disapproved by a majority vote at the Commission’s monthly business meetings, Commission members are not compensated monetarily for the time they commit to the MFC; they are dedicated to working with DMF to ensure a sustainable resource for all.

MFC members are:

Mark Amorello, Chairman. Mark owns a charter boat business and commercial tuna and lobster business. He has served on the New England Fishery Management Council and was a commissioner of the ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna) for one term. Mark also owns Ocean Works, Inc., a custom metal fabrication company established in 1988 and the Cape Cod edition of the Coastal Angler Magazine.

Vito Calomo, Vice-Chairman. Vito is a third generation commercial fisherman with many years experience as a boat captain and owner. He held the position of Executive Director of the Gloucester Fisheries Commission from 1995 to 2001, after which he was named the new Executive Director of the Massachusetts Fisheries Recovery Commission. Vito has served on the New England Fishery Management Council and as a proxy for the Legislative Commissioner to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. 

Chuck Casella, Clerk . Chuck is a devoted saltwater angler and former charter boat captain. He has served as the President of the Massachusetts Striped Bass Association and the Essex County League of Sportsmen. He is a member of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Striped Bass and Bluefish Advisory Boards and is Chairman of the Massachusetts marine Recreational Fisheries Development Panel. Chuck graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1987. 

Bill Adler. Bill is a commercial lobsterman and former Executive Director of the Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association. While Bill has been fishing commercially since 1963, he holds a Master’s degree in English from Northeastern University and received the “Teacher of the Year Award” at English High School in Boston in 1973. Bill serves as the Governor’s appointed Commissioner to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and is a member of the Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary Advisory Council. Bill also served as a member of the Massachusetts Ocean Task Force.

Joseph Huckemeyer. Joe is the owner/operator of the Helen H Offshore Fishing Corporation, a charter and party boat company that provides fishing excursions from the Massachusetts South Coast.  He also has experience dragging, crabbing and hook fishing for groundfish. In addition he is a member of the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association and the Recreational Fishing Alliance. Through years of involvement with the Division of Marine Fisheries, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, New England Fishery Management Council and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, Joe has promoted sustainable fisheries and wise use of the Commonwealth’s ocean resources in both recreational and commercial fisheries.

Raymond W. Kane, Jr.  Ray has four decades of experience in marine operations and fisheries. As the owner/operator of a commercial lobster and groundfish vessel, Ray reorganized his business and vessel design to accommodate summer blue-fin tuna and winter groundfish fishing. Ray is an active member in several fishing organizations, including the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Fishermen’s Partnership and. Ray also is an outreach spokesman for the Cape Cod Commercial Fisherman’s Alliance.

Edward Nasser. Ed is the Owner and President of International C Food in New Bedford . He has worked for over 35 years in the fishing industry in various capacities, acquiring significant experience and expertise in seafood marketing. Ed brings his first-hand knowledge of the New Bedford area to the MFC and a desire to balance local environmental and conservation issues with a viable commercial fishing industry.  

J. Randy Sigler. Randy grew up fishing recreationally off the shores of Marblehead and currently runs Sigler Guide Service providing fishing trips, lessons, retail tackle sales and children’s fishing camps for recreational anglers. Randy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources Studies from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst and currently teaches Environmental Studies at a public school in Marblehead. Randy also remains active as a commercial fisherman and seafood dealer.

Domenic Santoro. Domenic, the newest member of the Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission, is employed both as a commercial fisherman and a seafood dealer and is an active member of the Chatham Shellfish Advisory Board. As a commercial fisherman he operates a dragger and a shellfish dredge vessel.  He also owns Santoro Seafood Corporation, a seafood dealership that purchases and sells finfish, scallops and shellfish.  Domenic brings knowledge of the commercial seafood industry, from both the perspective of a fisherman and a seafood dealer, particularly with regards to the shellfish and finfish fisheries along the south Cape and Nantucket Sound. Domenic holds a bachelors degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Marine Fisheries Commission Meetings

The 10 most recent or upcoming meetings are listed; for older records or more information, please contact Jared Silva, Regulations Coordinator at (617) 626-1534 or