Invertebrate Fisheries Project

YOY lobster

The Invertebrate Fisheries Project focuses on research and monitoring of commercially important marine invertebrates including American lobster, horseshoe crab, whelk, Jonah crab, and northern shrimp.Fisheries dependent and fisheries independent surveys, along with applied research projects, are conducted to better understand the populations and fisheries for these valuable species.





Protected Species Project

Whale tale

The Protect Species Project is involved in various activities related to the conservation and management of protected species in Massachusetts waters. 







Resource Assessment Project

Trawl Survey

The Resource Assessment Project monitors the distribution, relative abundance, and size composition of marine fish and invertebrates in Massachusetts waters by conducting annual surveys. These include spring and fall statewide trawl surveys and a late-spring seine survey in southern Cape Cod estuaries. Survey data are used in assessments of regional fish stocks, help managers keep our catch sustainable, and contribute to the evaluation of coastal alteration projects.




Scientific Diving Project

Scientific Diving

The Scientific Diving Project is responsible for the safe management of the scientific diving activities conducted within the Division. Operated in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's scientific diving exemption, formal standards for training and dive operations afford Division divers better protection from accidental injury and/or illness.