Contacts: Cecil French, Stephanie Cunningham


The Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) Project began in 2001 as a two-tiered program paid for with funds from the Sport Fish Restoration Account of the Aquatic Resources Trust Fund and is administered through the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). The funds result from a Federal excise tax on fishing equipment, trolling motors, import duties on boats, and motorboat fuels.

The Sport Fish Restoration Account has financed many programs that have helped people enjoy our state’s aquatic resources over the years, including hundreds of publicly owned launch ramps and fishing piers. The Clean Vessel Act, which improves our water quality by providing free pumpout service through pumpout boats and shoreside stations is also funded through this account. The latest effort, BIG, facilitates boaters with non-trailerable, 26 foot or larger boats to travel from port to port in Commonwealth waters and find safe and reliable access to its historic, cultural, recreational, and natural resources.

Tier I - An annual maximum of $200,000 is available to each applying state under the Tier I portion of the BIG Program. Tier I is designed for smaller projects that add, or enhance, transient boating infrastructure to an area and has the advantage of using a more streamlined regional approval process. Selected projects must still be authorized by USFWS. Awarded Federal funds can be used to reimburse up to 75% of the approved project costs. The remaining "matching" funds must come from the grant recipient. Click here for the Fiscal Year 2018 Notice of Funding Opportunity for Tier I pdf format of Notice of Funding BIG Tier 1 FY18

Tier II - The remainder of the Federal BIG Program annual funding is typically awarded to larger projects under Tier II. Tier II projects that qualify at the state level are then competitively judged at the national level. Top scoring projects are awarded and eligible for funding status by the USFWS. Please note that while both tiers of the BIG Program are very competitive; the level of national competition within Tier II is especially high. Successful projects are of a superior nature and are submitted with very thorough applications. To be competitive in Tier II, we recommend that even the best projects be submitted with a substantial percentage of matching dollars. Click here for the Fiscal Year 2018 Notice of Funding Opportunity for Tier II pdf format of Notice of Funding BIG Tier 2 FY18

Applications for FY18 Tier I or Tier II funds must be received by Cecil French no later than August 1, 2017.

Both Tier I and Tier II projects will have to go through all the standard Federal, state and/or local permitting processes that they would be obliged to do for any privately or locally funded project.

Further information is available on this Federal Program at the following links:

USFWS Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program

An Investment in Boating’s Future: A Review of the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program 2000 – 2003, A Report of the Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council

Please check the USFWS link above under BIG Funding for the current RFP and Federal deadline.

Complete application packages can be mailed to:

Mass Boating Infrastructure Grant Project
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
30 Emerson Ave.
Gloucester, MA 01930