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Contacts: Cecil French, Stephanie Cunningham, Maren Olson

The Massachusetts Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Program is administered by MarineFisheries and has been underway since 1994. Funding is provided through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Sportfish Restoration Program. Since the CVA program's inception, Massachusetts' harbors have put more pumpout boats in service than any other state. This extensive coverage, coupled with the many shoreside pumpout stations placed in service, provide the infrastructure needed to achieve and maintain the Commonwealth's coastal waters as a No Discharge Zone (NDZ). This downloadable brochure provides additional information on the Massachusetts CVA Program:  Clean Vessel Act Brochure pdf format of CVA Brochure 2016
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New Bedford Pumpout Boat
The City of New Bedford pumpout boat.

How Can a Municipality or Marina Become Involved in CVA?  

Public and private marinas that are interested in installing pumpout stations or purchasing and deploying pumpout boats to serve recreational boaters as part of the Massachusetts Clean Vessel Act Program should contact the CVA Program Coordinator who can help assess pumpout needs, discuss eligibility requirements, and assist with the Grant Application form.  Applications for new or replacement CVA infrastructure, eligible for FY18 funding consideration, are due to the MA-CVA Program no later than October 31, 2016.  Click here for the CVA Pumpout Grant Application. pdf format of CVA Pumpout Grant Application

Forms for Invoicing, Pumpout Logs, and Information Requests for Existing CVA Facilities: