Scientific diving

Dive safety officer: Vin Malkoski

The MarineFisheries Scientific Diving Project was established in the late 1970s to assist with our research efforts. In 1989, our Scientific Diving Policy was updated to comply with the scientific diving exemption from the OSHA commercial diving standards, ensuring our underwater work is safe. The project is administered by a dive safety officer and consists of trained divers working within a variety of Division programs.

Research and collaborative projects supported by the scientific diving project include:

  • Artificial reef construction and monitoring
  • Eelgrass restoration and monitoring
  • Habitat mapping
  • Lobster population studies
  • Shellfish population and habitat monitoring
  • Tagging and temperature instrument placement
  • Whale-safe neutral buoy line research

The diving team represents MarineFisheries at various organizations and assists with outreach efforts throughout the state and country. Long lasting representation includes:

Through the Marine Fisheries Institute, the diving team works collaboratively with the University of Massachusetts School of Marine Science and Technology to gather needed data while providing graduate students the opportunity to gain scientific diving experience.