Contacts: Dr. Kathryn Ford, Mark Rousseau

MarineFisheries deals with complicated, intersecting policy issues, and faces challenges in managing the cumulative impacts of growth on marine habitat and fisheries resources. As coastal and ocean development pressures continue to rise, there is an increased call for Ecosystem Based Management, Marine Spatial Planning, and Ocean Management. Therefore, it is critical for the Division to identify, document, and address conflicting management and resource needs.  Improved policies are necessary for protecting and restoring fisheries resources and habitat that support the cultural diversity and economies of coastal Massachusetts.

  1. Gulf of Mexico oil spill pdf format of Gulf of Mexico oil spill
  2. Effects of chlorine on Lobsters pdf format of lobsters_and_chlorine_v1.pdf
  3. MFAC Presentation pdf format of lobster_presentation_to_mfac.pdf
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  4. Ocean Habitat Work Group Draft Report pdf format of ocean_habitat_work_group_draft_report_112608.pdf
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  5. Striped Bass Policy