The purpose of Fisheries Habitat Research is to conduct research, monitoring, and restoration relevant to the mapping, identification, and quality of marine fisheries habitats.


Multibeam sonar - Kongsberg EM3002, 300 kHz
Sidescan sonar - Klein 3000, 300 kHz
Single beam - Biosonics DTX, 200 kHz
Towed underwater vehicle - MacArtney Focus-2
Water quality (temp, salinity, depth, light)

For more information please refer to the following brochure:

Fisheries Habitat Capabilities Brochure pdf format of capabilities_brochure_2012.pdf



This is a 300kHz shallow-water multibeam system.  It has roughly a 4x water-depth swath width.  It has been mounted on the R/V Gloria Michelle (at NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center) and DMF’s R/V Mya.

EM-3002 in transit on the Mya


Sidescan Sonar

In partnership with MIT Seagrant, MarineFisheries is developing capabilities to use a Klein 3000 sidescan sonar system to conduct seafloor mapping studies.

Single Beam

This is a 300kHz shallow-water singlebeam system.  It is a highly portable system that we have used for identifying and mapping cod aggregations, bathymetry, and eelgrass beds.

Towed Underwater Vehicle

The Focus-2 is an instrument platform designed for stability.  It has automatic control of roll and pitch with on-the-fly programming for constant altitude, constant depth, or undulating tows.  It can be interfaced with an autopilot for automatic yaw control.  It has been mounted with a video system and the EM-3002 multibeam system.  Other systems being considered include a video plankton recorder and a CTD.  The system includes a topside unit, a fiber optic tow cable on a computer controlled winch system, and a genset for the winch.

Focus-2 on the R/V Quest


Within MarineFisheries there are several underwater video systems including color and black and white systems that can be mounted on the Focus-2 or other tow bodies.  We have two pyramid-frame-mounted systems specifically designed for benthic work.  We also have highly portable shallow-water systems for rapid assessments.

Water Quality


DMF Diving Program


Fisheries Habitat Project staff members participate in several regionally and nationally based partnerships that focus on addressing larger scale marine fisheries and habitat concerns. Click on the links below for more information on some of the partnerships we are currently involved in:

Atlantic States Coastal Habitat Partnership
     Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership Formalized Through MOU pdf format of acfhp_mou_press_release.pdf
     ACFHP fact sheet  - October 2008 pdf format of acfhp_factsheet_oct_08.pdf
    Habitat Program Five-Year Strategic and Management Plan 2009-2013

Gulf of Maine Mapping Initiative
ASMFC Habitat Committee
ASMFC Artificial Reef Committee
Salem Sound Coastwatch