Contacts: Anna Webb, Kim Lundy, Mary Ann Fletcher, Erich Druskat

The Management Information Systems (MIS) and Fisheries Statistics Project collects, analyzes, and distributes catch/effort and economic data from lobster, shellfish and "regulated" fisheries through catch reports from licensed fishermen. These data are used to assist managers in the development of fisheries management plans. Some of the more frequently requested fisheries data can be found under the Quotas and Landings section of our website.

2000 Lobster Price
2000 Lobster Price

The Project works in cooperation with other government agencies, including the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), to streamline data collection and reduce duplicate reporting.

Quota Managed Fisheries

The Project also tracks and reports landings of quota-monitored species through weekly dealer reports. This information is used by managers to make projections about fishery closings. Total landings of regulated species up to the current week can be found on the quotas and landings section of our website or by calling the quota information phone system, also supported by the MIS & Fisheries Statistics Program, at 978-282-0308. Follow the prompts to find out landings as well as commercial and recreational fishery regulations and reporting requirements.

Statistical Reporting Areas
Statistical Reporting Areas


MarineFisheries is a partner in the Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP). The project has provided major assistance for the development and implementation of a uniform marine fisheries data collection and data warehousing system. Project staff currently serve on various ACCSP committees including the Operations Committee, the Computer Technical Committee and the Permitting & Registration Tracking Work Group.

Technical Support

Other services and support provided by this project include Geographic Information System (GIS), network administration and maintenance, Oracle relational database application development, Internet and Intranet web site maintenance, and oversight of IT procurement for the entire agency.

This Project is partially funded by two federal grants, one from the Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act and one from the Atlantic Coast Fisheries Cooperative Management Act.