Photo of northern shrimp in a hand.

Contacts: Kelly Whitmore , Robert P. Glenn

Marine Fisheries is involved with monitoring the Gulf of Maine Northern Shrimp resource and the northern shrimp fishery that occurs off the Massachusetts coast in the Gulf of Maine. These efforts include the collection of fisheries dependent and independent data for northern shrimp, as well as, participating on the ASMFC Northern Shrimp Technical Committee.

Biological and catch-per-unit data are collected by MarineFisheries staff at fish dealerships in Rockport/Pigeon Cove, Gloucester, and Newburyport ports where the majority of northern shrimp are landed in Massachusetts. In addition to fishery dependent sampling, we participate on the annual state/federal Northern shrimp trawl survey. This survey collects important fishery independent data, which is used to generate abundance indices for adult and juvenile Gulf of Maine Northern shrimp.

We also participate on the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Northern Shrimp Technical Committee that monitors and assesses the health of the Gulf of Maine Northern shrimp resource. The ASMFC Northern Shrimp Technical Committee conducts annual stock assessments using fisheries dependent and independent data collected by Marine Fisheries staff, as well as the states of New Hampshire and Maine. Results of the stock assessment are used to provide advice to fisheries managers who set annual shrimp fisheries regulations. Information on current stock status, annual assessments, and management actions for Northern Shrimp can be found by visiting the ASMFC website for Northern Shrimp:

Our comprehensive approach, which integrates data collection, data analysis/assessment, and fisheries management, helps to ensure the long term well being of the Gulf of Maine Northern shrimp resource.