Project contact: Dr Jack P. Schwartz

Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant
Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant

1. Effluent Discharge - Discharges regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) include effluent released from wastewater treatment facilities, chemical, desalination, and other industrial discharges.  MarineFisheries provides EPA, DEP, and other state agencies with advice and recommendations to assist with the permitting process so that regulated discharges can be protective of shellfish and finfish in the receiving water.

2. Power Plants - The EPA NPDES program includes regulatory oversight of electrical power generation that relies on the withdrawal of cooling water.   Seawater (along with fish eggs, larvae, and adults) is routinely withdrawn from coastal power plants to cool equipment, and is then discharged at an elevated temperature.  Both the withdrawal seawater and thermal discharge can have adverse effects on fishery resources.  MarineFisheries maintains an ongoing review and advisory function for the permit process that regulates coastal power plants.

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