Contacts: Dr. Kathryn Ford, Steve Voss

MarineFisheries collects a variety of benthic data, including acoustic, video, and grab data. These data are used to conduct benthic habitat assessments. We also utilize existing datasets from the USGS, CZM, and other researchers, as well as information from MarineFisheries’ trawl and lobster surveys, EFH and HAPC information, and shellfish suitability information.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • The USGS-CZM partnership in ocean mapping is a well-established, multi-year program that is designed to map all of Massachusetts waters.  MarineFisheries is participating in the application of some of these data.
  • The Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) has funded a partnership from DMF, WHOI, UNH, and UConn to create a mobile benthic observatory that conducts real-time acoustic and video mapping of habitats on Jeffreys Ledge and Georges Bank.
  • Bathymetric mapping in Padanaram Harbor, Dartmouth.
  • Video habitat assessments in Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay.