Each spring and fall, MarineFisheries conducts trawl surveys throughout Massachusetts coastal waters. These surveys have been conducted each May and September since 1978, and are used to determine the condition of fish stocks, evaluate how construction activities affect fishing and the environment, and how best to manage fisheries and protect fishery resources. Check back here to see where the trawl survey has been completed.

The next trawl survey will begin 02 September 2014. To better assist fixed-gear fishermen of the Commonwealth, this page will be updated daily during the Fall Trawl. Updates will include where the survey occurred that day. Updates will also be posted on Twitter through our handle, @MassDMF.


Fall Trawl Survey 2014 Update

Below are maps of the planned towed locations for the Fall Trawl Survey. Stations completed each day will be marked accordingly beginning 02 September 2014.

**Due to weather, all stations east of Cape Cod will be completed on 16 and 17 September 2014.**

As of 16 September 2014, ALL Cape Cod Bay and ALL Massachusetts Bay stations to the New Hampshire border have been completed. Stations S-1 through S-19 through S-22 through S-24, S-26, S-27, S-30, S-31, S-33 through S-47 have been completed south of Cape Cod. Stations B-2, B-3, B-8, and B-9 have been completed east of Cape Cod. The survey will continue on 17 September 2014 east of Cape Cod.


Fall 2014 Trawl Survey Locations Mass Bay to New Hampshire

Fall 2014 Trawl Survey Locations Cape Cod Bay and Backside of Cape Cod

Fall 2014 Trawl Survey Locations South of Cape Cod