Angler collecting striped bass scale samples

The Sportfish Angler Data Collection Team (SADCT) program is a group of volunteer anglers collecting biological samples of selected recreational fish species in Massachusetts marine waters. SADCT is part of an Atlantic coast-wide effort to manage and conserve recreationally targeted species. Information gathered through SADCT is provided to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) to support conservation and sustainability efforts.

Anglers joining SADCT follow simple protocols for gathering data on striped bass, fluke (summer flounder), scup, and black sea bass. Participants measure fish lengths and collect scale samples from each fish caught, whether it is kept or released. Scales are used to determine the age of the fish by counting growth rings, much like the aging technique for trees.

The success of the SADCT program stems from the volunteer efforts of over 200 anglers. This program provides a means for interested and dedicated anglers to help study the marine species they enjoy. All participating anglers receive a ball cap and an annual study report that includes an individualized summary on the fish they sampled.

To find out more about SADCT and to sign up, contact Kim Trull at (978) 282-0308 extension 129 or