Commissioner Griffin, a Derby Winner and Director Diodati at the 2008 Awards Ceremony
Commissioner Griffin, a Derby Winner and Director Diodati at the 2008 Awards Ceremony

Each year, January 1 through November 30, MarineFisheries conducts the Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Derby. This is a free derby, meaning no entry fees. Fish entered must be caught by hook and line and measured and weighed at a MarineFisheries-certified official weigh station. All entries will receive a derby pin and at the end of the derby year, trophies will be awarded to anglers who landed the heaviest fish in each species category. Winners are chosen in three divisions - men, women, and juniors (age 15 and younger). There is also a "Skillful Skipper" award, which is presented to a for-hire captain who has three derby winning fish caught on their boat.

In 2013 there were 35 winners in the Weigh-In Derby. The awards ceremony takes place in early February at the Eastern Fishing and Outdoor Expo in Worcester, MA. 

Massachusetts Saltwater Weigh-In Derby 2013 Winners as of 1/16/14

SpeciesDivisionNameHeaviest FishWeigh StationTown of Residence
Bigeye TunaJuniorMatt Sheehan215 lbsRiverview Bait & TackleBoston
Black Sea BassMenDaniel DuBerger6 lbs 4 ozRed TopPocasset
 WomenJoyce Record5 lbs 13 ozRed TopShrewsbury
 JuniorAndrew Cravedi5 lbs 5 ozLarry's Tackle ShopWorcester
Bluefin Tuna     
BluefishMenDaniel Hiemer19 lbs 11 oz Germany
 JuniorElizabeth O'Brien12 lbs 9 ozMartha's Vineyard DerbyOak Bluffs
Blue Shark     
BonitoMenRobert Clay11 lbs 8 ozMV Bass & Bluefish DerbyEdgartown
 WomenKristine O'Brien9 lbs 1 ozMV Bass & Bluefish DerbyOak Bluffs
 JuniorElizabeth O'Brien9 lbs 1 ozMartha's Vineyard DerbyOak Bluffs
DolphinWomenJoanne Cameron16 lbsNever Home Bait & TackleMattapoisett
False AlbacoreMenPaul Sexton10 lbs 14 ozEastman'sBourne
 WomenMaryann Nunes-Vais10 lbs 12 ozMV Bass & Bluefish DerbyNew Jersey
FlukeMenLarry Beadsworth9 lbs 6 ozWestport MarineDartmouth
 JuniorMolly Menton9 lbs 6 ozDick's Bait & TackleVineyard Haven
King Mackerel     
Mako SharkMenMike Evensen209 lbsBelsan's Bait & TackleScituate
 JuniorMichael O'Shaughnessy150 lbsDuanne LynchCotuit
PollockJuniorMatt Sheehan15 lbsRiverview Bait & TackleBoston
Porbeagle SharkMenClifton Joseph254 lbsBelsan Bait & TackleBrooklyn, NY
ScupMenGary DeCosta3 lbs 11 ozWestport MarineLittle Compton, RI
 WomenDiamond Ebeling3 lbs 7 ozMaco's Bait & TackleBourne
 JuniorBraeden Giller2 lbs 13 ozRiverview Bait & TackleWillington, CT
Spanish MackerelMenBrian Nunes-Vais6 lbs 11 ozDick's Bait & TackleNew Jersey
 WomenChrissy Heard5 lbs 10 ozDick's Bait & TackleColumbus, MS
 JuniorLandon Cormie4 lbs 14 ozDick's Bait & TackleVineyard Haven
Striped BassMenBob Roy Sr.54 lbs 12 ozSurfland Bait & TackleSalisbury
 WomenKathryn Shannon40 lbs 3 ozCanal Bait & TackleE. Bridgewater
 JuniorChris Herndon35 lbs 3 ozCanal Bait & TackleNewburyport
SwordfishMenDouglas Bennett219 lbsNantucket Anglers ClubNantucket
Tautog MenJason Colby14 lbs 12 ozWestport MarineRehoboth
 WomenSarah Sheckels9 lbs 12 ozRed TopAttleboro
Thresher SharkJuniorSeth Spanhake456 lbsSteve JamesPrattsville, NY
WahooJuniorMatt Sheehan66 lbsRiverview Bait & TackleBoston
Winter FlounderMenJeff Kotkin4 lbs 8 ozFishing FinaticsNewton
Yellowfin TunaMenKevin Sheehan106 lbs 8 ozRiverview Bait & TackleBoston
 JuniorMatt Sheehan103 lbs 4 ozRiverview Bait & TackleBoston