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Since 1983, the Division has been hosting the annual Weigh-In Derby. All fish entered must be legally caught on hook and line, and measured at an official Division-certified weigh station.

All confirmed entries will receive a Derby pin. Awards will be given to those anglers catching the heaviest of each species for each of the three divisions: Mens, Womens, and Juniors (boys and girls aged 15 and younger). A Skillful Skipper award is presented to a for-hire (charter boat or head-boat) captain who has at least three Derby-winning fish caught on his or her boat.

In 2015, there were 24 winners in the Weigh-In Derby and Captain Joe Huckemeyer of the Helen H was a Skillful Skipper winner. The awards ceremony for the 2015 Derby will take place on February 20 in conjunction with the New England Boat Show in Boston.

Massachusetts Saltwater Weigh-In Derby 2015 Winners as of 12/15/15

SpeciesDivisionNameHeaviest FishWeigh StationTown of Residence
Black Sea BassMenKevin Cheung5 lbs 10 ozTomos Bait & TackleQuincy
 WomenValerie Turner4 lbs 15 ozWestport Bait & TackleWestport
 JuniorBenjamin Laliberte5 lbs 0 ozNever Home Bait & TackleBristol, RI
BluefishMenGreg Pearson18 lbsGoose HummockBrewster
 WomenKatie Bluemer12 lbs 6 ozJC's Mobile Bait & TackleDeer Park, IL
 JuniorGage Defazio15 lbs 3 ozFalmouth Bait & TackleWebster, NY
Blue Marlin Dr. Ralph DeLaTorre873 lbsFalmouth Bait & TackleNewton
BonitoMenMichael Singer5 lbs 6 ozSports PortNatick
 WomenAmy Vickers8 lbs 7 ozVineyard DerbyChilmark
FlukeMenBill Byrne15 lbs 4 ozPowderhorn OutfittersToms River, NJ
 WomenJackie Capute11 lbs 1 ozPowderhorn OutfittersCenterville
Mako SharkMenKevin Cheung302 lbsPowderhorn OutfittersQuincy
Porbeagle SharkMenMike Evensen483 lbsBelsan's Bait & TackleScituate
ScupMenKevin Lavimodiere3 lbs 15 ozRed TopNorth Attleboro
 WomenJenna Goldstein3 lbsCherry's BaitKingston
 JuniorArthur Rossignol2 lbs 4 ozRed TopTaunton
Spanish MackerelWomenJanna O'Shaughnessy5 lbs 11 ozCoop's Bait & TackleEdgartown
Striped BassMenFred Skaff53 lbs 2 ozSurfland Bait & TackleHaverhill
 WomenTheresa Cicco41 lbs 4 ozM & D Bait & TackleWareham
 JuniorJoshua Pierce36 lbs 15 ozPowderhorn OutfittersHumble, TX
Tautog MenAlexander Kalife9 lbs 5 ozNever Home Bait & TackleNew Bedford
 JuniorKanbe Mao9 lbs 6 ozWestport Bait & TackleDorchester
Winter FlounderJunior (tie)Ben O'Connor3 lbs 8 ozTomos TackleSalem
 Junior (tie)John Crawford3 lbs 8 ozHull Bait & TackleHudson, NH