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Since 1983, the Division has been hosting the annual Weigh-In Derby. All fish entered must be legally caught on hook and line, and measured at an official Division-certified weigh station.

All confirmed entries will receive a Derby pin. Awards will be given to those anglers catching the heaviest of each species for each of the three divisions: Mens, Womens, and Juniors (boys and girls aged 15 and younger). A Skillful Skipper award is presented to a for-hire (charter boat or head-boat) captain who has at least three Derby-winning fish caught on his or her boat.

In 2015, there were 24 winners in the Weigh-In Derby and Captain Joe Huckemeyer of the Helen H was a Skillful Skipper winner. Awards were presented during a ceremony at the 2016 New England Boat Show in Boston..

Massachusetts Saltwater Weigh-In Derby 2016 Leaders as of 08/23/2016

SpeciesDivisionNameHeaviest FishWeigh StationTown of Residence
Bigeye Tuna     
Black Sea BassMenFrank Mazzulli5 lb. 12 oz.Fore River Fishing TackleQuincy
WomenCrystle Calvin4 lb. 12 oz.Uncle Ken'sDartmouth
BluefishMenTavin Beagle18 lb. 10 oz.Nantucket Anglers ClubLos Altos, CA
WomenBrenna McCoubrey15 lb. 12 oz.Powderhorn OutfittersMarstons Mills
Bluefin Tuna     
Blue Shark     
Blue Marlin     
DolphinMenGregory Lee19 lb. 11 oz.Dick's Bait & TackleNew York, NY
WomenJoanne Cameron17 lb.Never Home Bait & TackleMattapoisett
False Albacore     
FlukeMenGarret Krzynowek9 lb. 8 oz.Falmouth Bait & TackleWare
JuniorWilliam Seaberg11 lb. 15 oz.Nantucket Anglers ClubSudbury
HalibutMenMatthew Watts73 lb.Fishing FinaticsBoston
King Mackerel     
Mako Shark     
Porbeagle Shark     
ScupMenMatthew Kelly2 lb. 8 oz.Surfland Bait & TackleBoxford
WomenBeverly Bergeron2 lb. 13 oz.Dick's Bait & TackleWest Tisbury
JuniorJoseph Pearle2 lb. 9 oz.M & D'sEast Wareham
Spanish Mackerel     
Striped BassMenMichael Bridges49 lb. 6 oz.Canal Bait & TackleBarnstable
WomenAmy Burrell51 lb. 10 oz.Powderhorn OutfittersMashpee
JuniorHunter Bows39 lb. 10 oz. Plymouth
Tautog WomenAshley Brown10 lb. 13 oz. Wareham
Thresher SharkMenSam Jaxtimer405 lb. 5 oz.Nantucket Anglers ClubOsterville
Wahoo*MenDerek Wittkamper182 lb. 12 oz.Falmouth Bait & TackleRowley
Winter FlounderMenRob Thompson4 lb. 13 oz.Belsan's Bait & TackleMarshfield
Yellowfin TunaMenSteve Dowler91 lb. 13 oz.Dick's Bait & TackleVineyard Haven
 JuniorJack Willis92 lb.Powderhorn OutfittersBarnstable

*New state record