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Electronic reporting is now available through the SAFIS program. To setup an online account, please contact Kim Lundy.

Swipe Card eDR Mobile Application: In the fall of 2016, ACCSP and MarineFisheries launched the production version of the swipe card SAFIS eDR Mobile Application for shellfish dealers reporting to the state. It is not yet available to those dealers reporting to SAFIS under federal regulations. The application is a point-of-sale reporting software that utilizes the shellfish transaction cards issued to shellfish harvesters to consummate transactions. The application will work on desktop and mobile devices running Windows, iOS, or Android platforms, and is also capable of working offline by queuing reports for submission once reconnected to WiFi or a data connection.

Although the application itself is free, dealers would need to supply their own hardware including a computer or mobile device and specific card readers which run between $45 and $100 each. Please see this document pdf format of Swipe Card Reader Options
for more information on the readers. If interested in using the application, please contact Anna Webb at 978-282-0308 x115 or Kim Lundy at 978-282-0308 x117 for more information.

Additionally, a training document is provided here pdf format of EDR Mobile Help Document
file size 1MB.

Helpful Links:

MA E-Reporting Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 1  pdf format of MA E-Reporting Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 1
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MA E-Reporting Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2  pdf format of MA E-Reporting Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2

MA E-Reporting Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1  pdf format of MA E-Reporting Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

SAFIS Homepage Follow this link for SAFIS information, including a Quick Demo.

Fishermen Lookup Follow this link for an alphabetical list of Massachusetts permit holders. The list gives each permit holder's Permit ID, Vessel name, Permit Type, and Endorsements.

Reference Tables pdf format of reference_tables.pdf
 Follow this link for gear table, disposition table, and a list of shellfish species requiring a harvest area.

Shellfish Harvest Areas Follow this link for harvest area codes and maps of each area.

City/Town Names pdf format of town_ids_home_ports.pdf
 Follow this link for a list of common home ports/areas and their associated City/Town names, as found in SAFIS.

*SAFIS Questions, Please Call: Kim Lundy or Mary Ann Fletcher