Welcome to the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Internet home where we provide information about our agency, programs, and policies.

The Division of Marine Fisheries is responsible for development and promulgation of the Commonwealth’s rules and regulations governing commercial and recreational fishing. Central to our vision is a commitment to balance our living marine resources with our coastal culture through innovation, collaboration, and leadership.

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We are grateful to have strong partnerships. Our ties with the University of Massachusetts system—especially through the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute (MFI)—the United States Geological Survey, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the coastal states and political sub-divisions from Maine to Florida allow us to focus regional assets and expertise to tackle vital marine fisheries questions.

On behalf of all Division of Marine Fisheries employees, we are honored to serve as the Commonwealth’s marine fisheries science and management experts, and we thank all who support our work.

David E. Pierce, PhD