April 22, 2014
--Important Information Regarding Next Administration of Licensing Examination--
Please be advised that at its April 17, 2014 meeting the Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals voted to offer its Licensing Examination in May and June 2014. The examination will be based on the 2008 Massachusetts Contingency Plan. All applicants deemed eligible to sit for the exam should contact LSP Program Coordinator, Barbara Wyche, at (617) 556-1091 to register. If you have questions about this notice, contact Beverly Coles-Roby at (617) 292-5985 or beverly.roby@state.ma.us.

March 27, 2014
Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals Licensing Examination.
This is to inform the LSP community and general public that the Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals (“LSP”) will not offer its Licensing Examination in the spring of 2014, due to promulgation of new regulations by the MassDEP Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup (“BWSC”). In part, the BWSC regulations will govern how hazardous waste response actions are conducted including process improvements, more ways to achieve closure and updated cleanup standards. So that the LSP examination conforms to the proposed BWSC regulations, and continues to test the regulatory and technical understanding of basic concepts and methods related to assessment, containment and removal, the LSP examination, Reference List, and Master Content Outline are in development. The next administration of the exam will take place in late November and December of 2014. Applicants whose eligibility to sit for the examination expires before then pursuant to 309 CMR 3.04(9)(a), will be permitted to take it at that time. Please contact LSP Board Executive Director, Beverly Coles Roby at (617) 292-5985 or beverly.roby@state.ma.us if you have questions.

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