• Any person may file a Complaint with the LSP Board charging an LSP with misconduct. Complaints may also be filed against non-LSPs who act as, advertise as, or hold themselves out to be LSPs. The Board prefers that Complaints be filed in writing, but anyone who wishes to speak with a staff member first or who needs assistance preparing a written Complaint may call either 617.556.1091 or 617.292.5985.

    For your convenience, the Board has a Complaint Form doc format of cmplnt.doc
(28 KB, MS Word) that you may wish to use in filing a Complaint. This form identifies all the information the Board would like to receive in connection with a Complaint. Complaints should be mailed to: The LSP Board, One Winter Street, 3rd Floor, Boston MA 02108.

    A Complaint can be filed against an LSP for violating either (a) any of the Board's Rules of Professional Conduct, which are set forth in the Board's regulations at 309 CMR 4.00; or (b) engaging in any of the types of conduct described in 309 CMR 7.01. (The Board's regulations - 309 CMR pdf format of 309cmr.pdf
(146 KB, MS Word) --are set forth elsewhere on this Web site.)

    A Complaint can also be filed against an LSP for knowingly making a materially false or inaccurate statement in any opinion, report, or plan submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection. Such conduct may also be a criminal offense.

    Please note that the Board is NOT empowered to make rulings about the reasonableness of fees charged by LSPs. Thus, if the Board receives a Complaint that describes what, in essence, is a fee dispute, the Board does not become involved. Instead, it suggests that the parties take their dispute to a provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") services who has experience in resolving environmental disputes.

    Also please note that dissatisfaction with an LSP is not necessarily sufficient grounds for disciplinary action. The Board can take disciplinary action only when it finds that there has been a violation of one or more of the laws and regulations governing LSPs.

    All Complaints received will be assigned to a staff Investigator for initial screening to determine whether the Complaint falls within the Board's jurisdiction. Cases that are not screened out are reviewed by the Board to determine whether a preliminary factual investigation should be conducted. A Complaint Review Team comprised of two Board members and a staff attorney conducts each such investigation.

    Based on the results of this investigation, the Board may find that grounds exist to discipline the LSP. If so, the LSP has a right to obtain a disciplinary hearing. Complainants will be notified at this point. After a disciplinary hearing, the Board may revoke or suspend the LSP's license, take other disciplinary action, or dismiss the Complaint.

    Important: Please fill out the Complaint Form completely. Print clearly (or type it). The information you provide on the Complaint Form will be entered into our computerized Complaints Database. Those who file Complaints will always be sent an acknowledgment letter with the name of the staff Investigator assigned to the Complaint.

    If you have any questions or need to reach a staff member, please call the Board at 617.556.1091 or 617.292.5985.