• The list of all current and former Licensed Site Professionals can be searched by name, license number, or city/town:

    Use this tool to look up an LSP's current contact information, license status, and disciplinary record.

    For a complete list of currently licensed LSPs (not including those on Inactive Status), please click on "Searchable LSP List" above and then on "All Active LSP's" .

  • List of LSP Board Fees links to PDF file

    What fees does the LSP Board impose, how much is charged for each fee, and what costs do these fees cover?

  • Whenever an LSP's address, phone number, or e-mail changes, s/he must notify the LSP Board.

    Instructions for submitting changes pdf format of Instructions for submitting changes doc format of address.doc

    LSP Address Form pdf format of LSP Address Form doc format of addressfrm.doc