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  • Boston Light

    Protecting, Restoring and Enhancing Estuarine Resources

    MassBays is dedicated to protecting, restoring, and enhancing the estuarine resources of Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays in five regions: Upper North Shore, Lower North Shore, Metro Boston, South Shore, and Cape Cod

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  • Water Sampling in Green Harbor River

    Ecological Restoration

    Realizing ecological improvements through partnership at the Green Harbor River Restoration project in the South Shore region

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  • Rowboat in Marsh

    Protecting and Restoring Salt Marsh

    Managing multiple uses of the Great Marsh in the Upper North Shore region

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  • Drains to Waterways

    Stormwater Management

    Working to improve the quality of stormwater to restore our estuarine resources in the South Shore region

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  • Thompson Island Salt Marsh

    Natural Resource Planning in an Urban Setting

    Habitat protection and restoration planning for estuarine resources in the Metro Boston region 

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  • Herring Run

    Monitoring Local Fish Populations

    Monitoring and restoring our herring runs in the Cape Cod and other regions

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  • Invasive tunicates in Boston Harbor

    Monitoring for Non-Native Species

    Performing long-term monitoring for non-native species in the Salem Sound and other regions

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Our Mission

MassBays is an EPA National Estuary Program dedicated to protecting, restoring, and enhancing the estuarine resources of Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays. We envision a network of healthy and resilient estuaries, sustainable ecosystems that support the life and communities dependent upon them. We facilitate partnerships to prompt local, state, and federal action and stewardship, convening stakeholders on the local and regional level, providing scientific basis for management decisions, and informing decision makers about problems and solutions. Learn more About MassBays .

MassBays National Coastal Condition Assessment RFR

The Massachusetts Bays Program (MassBays) is seeking proposals for a contractor to conduct water quality and sediment monitoring along the entire Massachusetts coast. This monitoring is for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2015 National Coastal Condition Assessment, a nationwide monitoring effort that takes place every five years. MassBays is managing the current effort for Massachusetts. The selected contractor will be tasked with collecting water column and benthic grab samples from 52 stations along the Massachusetts coast during the summer of 2015. All training and most supplies will be provided and sample analysis will be conducted by EPA. For more information, to view the Request for Responses, and download required forms, see the COMMBUYS website. Applications are due by February 20.

Green Infrastructure Stormwater Handbook

MassBays is pleased to introduce a new guidance document entitled “Using Green Infrastructure to Treat and Control Stormwater in Coastal Communities." The handbook, developed in partnership with EPA, is targeted towards departments of public works and planning, conservation commissions and agents, and nonprofits concerned about water quality in coastal ecosystems. Check out the handbook pdf format of MassBays Green Infrastructure Stormwater Handbook
file size 11MB. Workshops were held around the MassBays planning area to present the handbook. If you missed these workshops, the presentation can be viewed here pdf format of Green Infrastructure Stormwater Workshop Presentation
file size 8MB and the Fact Sheet for the Handbook can be viewed here pdf format of Green Infrastructure Stormwater Handbook Fact Sheet
file size 1MB

MassBays Newsletter

Read the official newsletter of the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up-to-date on the activities of MassBays and our partners; gather information on the health of Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays themselves; and learn how you can get involved.

The Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program is a cooperative venture of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Charles D. Baker, Governor
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs - Matthew A. Beaton, Secretary
Office of Coastal Zone Management - Bruce K. Carlisle, Director
Massachusetts Bays Program - Pamela A. DiBona, Executive Director