Coming soon: Healthy Estuaries Grant Program

In September 2015, MassBays will announce the availability of funds under a new Healthy Estuaries Grant Program, which will replace the Research and Planning Grant Program. This new program was developed with input from the MassBays Management Committee, past Research and Planning Grant awardees, and other partners. Healthy Estuaries Grants will continue to support local planning efforts while advancing the goals of MassBays’ Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. 

Applicants will be asked to demonstrate that their proposed work builds upon previous efforts (compiled in the searchable inventory of plans and assessments) and augments the 2013 Estuarine Delineation and Assessment. The application process will include a short pre-proposal, likely due in early to mid October. To receive notice of the solicitation, be sure to join our mailing list.

About the Research and Planning Grant Program

The MassBays Research and Planning Grant Program was conducted from 2010 to 2014 and supported research, planning, and local capacity building initiatives in the MassBays region. Funded projects aided the implementation of the MassBays Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, MassBays' guiding document. Although there are many funding sources which provide support for implementing restoration work, funding for the planning phases of restoration projects is not always easy to find. MassBays' Research and Planning Grant Program filled the gap between restoration concept and implementation. By providing a funding source for in-depth research and planning, this program helped ensure the advancement of future restoration projects along the MassBays coast.

Projects Funded by the MassBays Research and Planning Grant Program (2010-2014)

Between 2010 and  2014, MassBays awarded over $450,000 for 26 projects to towns and organizations to conduct projects that identified causes of coastal habitat degradation; developed management plans and recommendations to address coastal water pollution; designed conceptual improvements to stormwater infrastructure and built local capacity to protect coastal resources including salt marsh, shellfish beds and anadromous fish runs. The projects funded through the MassBays Research and Planning Grant Program resulted in recommendations and products which address priority management issues in Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay.  

Read about the projects and view the final reports on our Previously Funded Projects page. Or for a brief overview of the 26 projects funded through this program, read the EEA press releases for each of the grant years. 

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Contact Information

For questions about the MassBays Grant Programs, contact:

Prassede Vella
Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program
251 Causeway Street, Suite 800
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 626-1217