Inventory of Plans and Assessments

MassBays is fortunate to have a wealth of existing information to draw from, and ready partners to engage, in our efforts to track conditions and trends in the Bays over time. As part of our CCMP Update, MassBays funded an inventory pdf format of MassBays Resources Inventory
of more than 500 completed or in-process assessments, reports, plans, and studies dated 1996 or later. These valuable resources are available through the interactive map below. 

To access documents specific to an embayment, click on that area. The pop-up box provides an overview of the number of resources available, and a link to an excel spreadsheet. The resources are listed in the spreadsheet by embayment, and categorized by five topics, realizing that these encompass considerable overlap: Water Quality, Estuarine Habitat Protection, Continuity of Estuarine Habitat, Invasive Species, and Climate Change/Vulnerability. Once the spreadsheet is downloaded, you can use the drop-down menus in the upper right to narrow the list by topic area, and click on links to access the documents online. This inventory will be updated regularly. Please contact us if you know of a recent report, plan or study that should be included or if you have any questions.

How does MassBays put this information to work?

MassBays works through our five regional coordinators in our five planning regions to facilitate partnerships to prompt local, state, and federal action and stewardship, convening stakeholders on the local and regional level, providing scientific basis for management decisions, and informing decision makers about problems and solutions. To learn more about the goals and strategies of MassBays, review our Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.

MassBays Newsletter

The MassBays newsletter covers the program's latest projects, upcoming events, new publications, grant opportunities and much more. Enjoy this up-to-date news about MassBays, its partners, and Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays themselves.

State of the Bays Reports

Fact Sheets

Technical Transfer Resources

Proposals for Cleaner Water: A Grant Writing Workshop

In Spring 2016, MassBays teamed up with the Department of Environmental Protection and Bay State Roads to produce a series of workshops for municipal and nonprofit staff, "Proposals for Cleaner Water: A Grant Writing Workshop:. Handouts and presentations from the training are linked here:

Agenda pdf format of Agenda
Speaker biographies pdf format of Speaker Biographies
State Grant opportunities pdf format of State Grant Opportunities
Resources for developing a proposal pdf format of Resources for developing a proposal


10 Steps to a competitive proposal pdf format of 10 steps
Project mapping: the heart of the matter pdf format of project mapping
Budgets and deliverables: the details count pdf format of Budget and Deliverables
What reviewers see pdf format of What reviewers see


Blue Carbon, Green Eelgrass Project

Beginning in 2015, MassBays teamed up with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Region 1), MIT Sea Grant, Boston University, and Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries to study the carbon storage potential of eelgrass meadows in the Northeast. Blue carbon is defined as the carbon sequestration and storage potential of coastal habitats, namely mangroves, salt marshes, and seagrass meadows. The carbon sequestration and storage potential of these habitats from around the globe has been well documented. However there are limited data for seagrasses north of Chesapeake Bay. In order to fill this geographical gap, EPA's Climate Ready Estuary Program provided funding for the research team to survey five meadows in Massachusetts during 2015. A summary report describing results and findings, together with relevant material, are provided below. Building on the success of this work, EPA's Office of Research and Development provided additional funding to expand the study for two years. During 2016 and 2017 the project will look at eelgrass beds in other states within the Northeast. This will serve to build an inventory of carbon storage potential in the Northeast and help inform and promote protection and restoration of eelgrass. 

Blue Carbon, Green Eelgrass: Estimating Carbon Storage in Eelgrass in the Gulf of Maine pdf format of Blue Carbon 2015
. MassBays National Estuary Program. 2016.

Eelgrass Mapping in Cohasset and Sandwich in Support of Blue Carbon Studies pdf format of Eelgrass Mapping in Cohasset and Sandwich
file size 4MB. Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. 2016.

Assessing Carbon Storage Capacity in Eelgrass Meadows in Massachusetts pdf format of Blue Carbon in Eelgrass presentation RAE2016
file size 1MB. Restore America’s Estuaries Presentation by MassBays National Estuary Program. 2016.

Selected Publications

Eelgrass loss over time in Duxbury, Kingston, and Plymouth Bays, Massachusetts pdf format of Eelgrass loss over time in DKP
file size 4MB. Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. 2016.

Coastal Stormwater Management Through Green Infrastructure: A Handbook for Municipalities pdf format of Coastal Stormwater Management Through Green Infrastruct
file size 11MB. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 2014.

MassBays Green Infrastructure Stormwater Handbook Fact Sheet pdf format of Green Infrastructure Stormwater Handbook Fact Sheet
file size 1MB.

Report on the 2013 Rapid Assessment Survey of Marine Species at New England Bays and Harbors pdf format of 2013 Rapid Assessment Survey Report
file size 53MB. Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. 2013..

Conservation Moorings Study pdf format of Conservation Mooring Study
. Urban Harbors Institute. 2013.

MassBays Estuary Delineation and Assessment pdf format of MassBays Estuary Delineation and Assessment Report
file size 20MB. Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. 2012.

100 Years of Estuarine Marsh Trends in Massachusetts (1893-1995) pdf format of 100 Years of Estuarine Marsh Trends In MA (1893-1995)
file size 3MB. Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.2006.

Volunteers' Handbook for Monitoring New England Salt Marshes . Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.2002.