Map of Salem Sound Region

Salem Sound Coastwatch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit coastal watershed organization that works to implement the Massachusetts Bays Program CCMP in the Salem Sound region. Since 1990, we have worked in partnership with local governments, businesses, other non-profit organizations and citizens from the communities of Beverly, Danvers, Manchester, Marblehead, Peabody and Salem. In 1992, Salem Sound Coastwatch was designated as a Local Governance Committee for the MBP.

Salem Sound Coastwatch is dedicated to taking cooperative action to protect and enhance the environmental quality of Salem Sound in this predominantly urban watershed. Our top three priorities areprotecting public health, restoring commercial and recreational natural resources, and restoring coastal wildlife habitat.

SSCoastwatch is working to achieve our goals through:

  • Generating high quality technical information to further our understanding of the health and functioning of the Sound;
  • Promoting the active participation of the region's citizens, organizations, businesses, and other users of Salem Sound in understanding and restoring their environmental backyard; and
  • Supporting local governments with technical information, organizational support and fundraising aimed at 1) addressing priority threats to water quality and 2) building local capacity for environmental management.

Please visit the official Salem Sound Coastwatch website for more information or to get involved in our volunteer programs.

Barabar Warren Executive Director Salem Sound Coastwatch

 For more information please contact…

Barbara Warren
Executive Director
Salem Sound Coastwatch
201 Washington St., Suite #9
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 741-7900 fax