The Environmental Business Council of New England and their Executive Director Dan Moon sent out the following e-mail to EBC members supporting a MassDEP budget level of $48 million. I appreciate the support from Dan and the EBC.

Ken Kimmell

"Dear EBC Member,

Today or tomorrow please make a telephone call (and email if possible) to your State Senator and strongly request that they do NOT reduce the Mass DEP budget. Further reducing the DEP budget will have a negative impact on future economic development in the Commonwealth, especially as the economy continues to improve and the need for timely review of permits become even more imperative.

The DEP budget should at a minimum be at $48 Million not the $41 - $43 Million budget being considered.

To locate the phone number and email address of your state senator:

Find My Legislator

Daniel K. Moon
President and Executive Director
Environmental Business Council of New England
375 Harvard St., Suite 2
Brookline, MA 02446

Reproduced with permission from EBC.