Brian Brodeur, Director

The MassDEP GIS Program leads and coordinates the Department's use of Geographic Information Systems and digital geographic data.  Working with various bureaus and programs, the GIS Program compiles and manages spatial datasets that are published through MassGIS, including: Public Water Supply Sources and Protection Areas, Wetlands, Eelgrass Beds, Tier Classified 21e Sites, BWP Facilities, Ground Water Discharge Permits, Non-Potential Drinking Water Source Areas, and Areas Affected by Title V.  The production and maintenance of high quality data is essential because this information is the foundation for scientifically sound analyses and professional cartographic products.  Analyses are frequently quite simple from a geographic perspective but often answer important questions about relative location of resources and sensitive receptors to hazardous waste or other environmental threats.

In addition, we supply tools for geographical analysis and contribute to complex projects such as cumulative impact analysis.  We also produce a range of standard and custom maps in support of ongoing programs and special projects.

Because the greatest need for day to day support for program staff (as well as the greatest opportunity to collect spatial information) occurs in the regions, we have GIS Coordinators in each regional office.  Like the Boston GIS staff, the Regional Coordinators ensure that GIS services are available to their regional program staff.

GIS services include:

  • Providing staff access to geographic data and software
  • Supporting the priority resource maps for ranking 21e sites
  • Providing training and technical support for program staff using GIS
  • Providing consulting services for DEP Programs with GIS needs
  • Conducting spatial analysis and working on special projects

The GIS Program creates maps for a variety of DEP programs. For example, online maps depict water supply protection areas in the Source Water Assessment Program Reports. Water supply protection areas are referenced in a number of DEP regulations, Department of Food and Agriculture regulations, and local ordinances and bylaws. Online maps build on the traditional methods of data dissemination, which include maintaining map libraries in Boston and Regional Service Centers, sending paper maps to local officials, and supplying maps for DEP public presentations.


Program Director:  Brian Brodeur 617-574-6802

Boston Staff

Alice Doyle, GIS Analyst/User Support 617-654-6624

Bob Hames, Senior Analyst 617-556-1115

Tara Manno   617-292-5694

Aaron Richer, Data Manager 617-574-6856

Regional Coordinators

SERO Anita Beinikis 508-946-2741

WERO  Marnie Spadoni 413-755-2157

CERO Juliet Swigor 508-767-2878

NERO Philip Murphy 978-694-3336