Ben Ericson, Assistant Commissioner

The Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup is charged with ensuring immediate and effective response to environmental emergencies, such as oil spills and chemical fires, as well as timely assessment and cleanup of hazardous waste sites by private parties responsible for them.

Division of Policy and Program Development

Liz Callahan, Acting Director

Assisted by an advisory committee made up of citizens, business people, consultants, environmental advocates, lawyers and municipal officials, staff in this Division write regulations, policies and guidance documents to assist parties in conducting response actions, prepare the bureau's annual program plan, track and evaluate program implementation, coordinate outreach activities, and develop new initiatives.

Division of Response and Remediation

Paul W. Locke, Director

The Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup's Response and Remediation Division is responsible for statewide implementation of Massachusetts Contingency Plan's (MCP) Waste Site Cleanup Program activities. These responsibilities focus on coordinating and implementing responses to oil and hazardous material spills, as well as assessment and cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills across the state, auditing private sector compliance with site and spill assessment and cleanup regulations, and initiating appropriate enforcement actions when violations are discovered. The Boston Division's role in supporting the Regional offices primary operations and execution of MCP activities is achieved by managing information and coordinating the work of DEP regional field staff and serving as the primary point of contact with other government agencies (i.e. Coast Guard, EPA, HazMat teams, public safety agencies, and public health agencies) involved in emergency responses; working with EPA to ensure that cleanups of NPL sites and contaminated federal facilities, such as military bases, meet state requirements. The Boston emergency response and site remediation program activities are coordinated within the Emergency Operations, State Sites, and Federal Sites Programs.

Division of Technical and Financial Support

George Gardner, Acting Director

The Division of Technical and Financial Support provides a variety of specialized program support services to both BWSC regional and Boston-based staff, including revenue-generating tasks such as the billing of BWSC annual compliance fees (ACFs), pursuing cost recovery, and managing the Hazardous Waste Transporter Fee auditing program; coordinating facilitation of the DEP Brownfields program; comprehensive fiscal and budget management of state funds and federal grants; environmental contract procurement (including Emergency Response (ER); Immediate Response Action/Site Support (IRASS); Site Assessment and Remediation Support Services (SARSS) as well as many other smaller contracts; and MIS support.