Paul W. Locke, Director

The Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup's Response and Remediation Division is responsible for statewide implementation of Massachusetts Contingency Plan's (MCP) Waste Site Cleanup Program activities. These responsibilities focus on coordinating and implementing responses to oil and hazardous material spills, as well as assessment and cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills across the state, auditing private sector compliance with site and spill assessment and cleanup regulations, and initiating appropriate enforcement actions when violations are discovered. The Boston Division's role in supporting the Regional offices primary operations and execution of MCP activities is achieved by managing information and coordinating the work of DEP regional field staff and serving as the primary point of contact with other government agencies (i.e. Coast Guard, EPA, HazMat teams, public safety agencies, and public health agencies) involved in emergency responses; working with EPA to ensure that cleanups of NPL sites and contaminated federal facilities, such as military bases, meet state requirements. The Boston emergency response and site remediation program activities are coordinated within the Emergency Operations, State Sites, and Federal Sites Programs as follows:

Audits and Enforcement

Lisa Alexander, Audits and Enforcement Coordinator (617.292.5716)

Gail Colaiacomo (617.292.5828)

The Audits & Enforcement Section is responsible for the coordination, consistent implementation and reporting of activities associated with the Audits and Enforcement Program for BWSC.

Emergency Response Coordination

Report a Spill

Albe Simenas, Acting Section Chief (617.292.5507)

Waste site cleanup emergency response is active on a 24 hour basis to protect public health, safety and the environment. The program provides cleanup, technical oversight, support, and communications in emergency situations for releases of oil and/or hazardous materials in Massachusetts. Emergency operations include responses to releases of oil and hazardous material from roadway incidents, industrial processes, chemical fires, above ground and underground storage tanks, utilities, navigable waterways, environmentally sensitive areas, and even some homes.

Information, Communication and Implementation

Section Chief currently Vacant - Contact Paul W. Locke
Susan Fessenden (617.292.5577), Randi Augustine (617.654.6876)

The ICI Section provides BWSC information management and communication services for program implementation including: data management of the WSC EPICS Application; the electronic submittal of BWSC Transmittal Forms and Permits; and targeted outreach and assistance in achieving regulatory operational compliance to the regulated community.

Federal Sites Program

Jay Naparstek, Deputy Division Director (617.292.5697)

Department of Defense Sites and Formerly Used Defense Sites
Anne Malewicz, Section Chief (617.292.5659)
Robert Campbell (617.292.5732), David Chaffin (617.348.4005), Joanne Dearden (617.292.5788)

The Department of Defense, DOD Federal Facilities Section provides state technical guidance and state regulatory oversight at present DOD facilities, base closings, and Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) in the state of Massachusetts.

Federal Superfund
Paul Craffey, Section Chief (617.292.5591)
Dorothy Allen (617.292.5795), David Buckley (617.556.1184), Jennifer McWeeney (617-654-6560), Garry Waldeck (617.348.4017), Janet Waldron (617.556.1156)

The Federal Superfund Section provides technical guidance and regulatory oversight at National Priority List (NPL) Superfund and Brownfield sites in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Release Prevention
Eric Arvedon, Section Chief (617.292.5887)

Guidance information to assist owners and operators of petroleum tanks (underground, aboveground, commercial, residential) with issues related to spill prevention, safe product storage, equipment testing and responses to releases.