Ann Lowery, Assistant Commissioner
One Winter Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02108
617-292-5846 FAX: 617-574-6880

The Bureau of Planning and Evaluation (BPE) is responsible for: a) Coordinating agency-wide planning, including overseeing the annual Program Plan / Performance Partnership Agreement and the regulation development/adoption process; b) Ensuring MassDEP's planning and policy development activities are consistent and coordinated across the agency; c) Managing/supporting strategic messaging of priority cross-bureau activities and projects through MassDEP's Internet Strategies Unit; d) Coordinating MassDEP's engagement with regional and national associations (e.g. via the Environmental Council of States (ECOS) and the Council of Northeastern Governors (CONEG)); and e) Overseeing strategic priorities/projects that are cross-bureau in nature (e.g., Regulatory Reform, Emerging Contaminants, Climate Change Adaptation, Department of Public Health Coordination).  BPE also includes the Office of Research and Standards (ORS) and the Wall Experiment Station (WES) to help ensure that MassDEP's scientific and analytical expertise is fully integrated into the agency's policy, planning and evaluation activities.

The Bureau of Planning and Evaluation is one of four bureaus that report to the Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Planning. BPE is overseen by the Assistant Commissioner and includes: