Most Common Requirement: Compliance Certification

If you install one of the following:

  • Emergency generator, fire pump or other similar engine rated at 37 kilowatts and up, or
  • Non-emergency engine rated at 50 kilowatts and up. 

You must certify to the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) that you are complying with all applicable environmental requirements. See the Compliance Certification forms and instructions on this page, below.

Alternative: Air Plan Application

Under certain circumstances - and after consulting with MassDEP - you may submit a comprehensive plan application (CPA) as an alternative to a compliance certification. There is a streamlined review and approval option for facilities that generate both power and usable heat from a single engine (combined heat and power, or CHP). See the Air Plan Applications page for additional information.


Certification for New Emergency Engines & Turbines

Certification for New Engines & Turbines (Non-Emergency)