The Massachusetts Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) Program requires that new vehicles - any with 7,500 or fewer miles on their odometers - must be equipped with factory-installed California-certified advanced emission control systems. This applies to all model year 1995 and newer passenger cars and light-duty trucks up to 6,000 pounds sold and registered in Massachusetts

Beginning in model year 2003, these same requirements applied to medium-duty vehicles weighing from 6,001 to 14,000 pounds. As a result, all model year 2003 and newer vehicles with 7,500 or less miles on the odometer that weigh 14,000 pounds or less gross vehicle weight must be California-certified before being sold to or registered by a Massachusetts resident.

Out-of-State Residents Moving to Massachusetts

  • If you are moving to Massachusetts from another state, your vehicle does not have to meet the LEV Program requirements.
  • If you are importing a model year 1995 and newer vehicle with over 7,500 miles on the odometer, contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles
    to find out what the procedure is for registering your car.
  • If you are importing a model year 1995 vehicle with less than 7,500 miles or a vehicle that has never been titled, contact MassDEP at 617-292-5762 to request an emission control waiver which will allow you to register your car.

In addition, all vehicles that are newly registered in Massachusetts must be inspected within seven days after the vehicle is registered. The standards for each car are based on the model year of the car and the emissions standard it was originally designed to meet, with a comfortable margin built in to allow for wear and tear. For example, a 1987 car must meet 1987 emissions standards; a 1997 car must meet 1997 emissions standards. For more information on inspection requirements, see: Massachusetts Vehicle Check

Importing a Vehicle from Another Country

If you are bringing your vehicle from another country it must meet the Massachusetts requirements described above and federal requirements. Please refer to the following for federal requirements.