Emissions Inventories

An emissions inventory is a list, by source, of pollutants discharged into the air over Massachusetts during a given period of time.

Municipal Waste Combustors

There are seven waste-to-energy incinerators in Massachusetts. Learn about their role in the state's solid waste management system and impacts on the environment.

Power Plant Emission Control Plans

Facilities that have submitted plans demonstrating how they will use pollution control technologies to reduce emissions of specific air pollutants.

Open Burning: Answers to Your Burning Questions

There are limits on what can be burned and when in Massachusetts, as well as important public health and safety requirements.

Heating Your Home with a Wood-Burning Appliance

A wood fire can give your home a warm, cozy feeling, and in some cases can save you money. It can also affect air quality both indoors and out.

Transportation, Fuels & Air Quality

Motor vehicles, engines and fuels are among the leading contributors to air pollution in Massachusetts.

What Every Driver Should Know About Preventing Pollution

Most of air comes not from factories or power plants, but from cars, trucks, and buses.

Reducing Air Emissions from Diesel Construction Engines

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) requires contractors working on projects financed by the State Revolving Fund (SRF) to install retrofit pollution controls in their construction equipment engines. This fact sheet discusses the SRF retrofit requirements.