There has been some confusion recently regarding the 7-Day Grace Period and the filing of electronic submittals, (eDEP), so we want to take this opportunity to clarify the associations between eDEP submittals, the 7-Day Grace Period and MCP deadlines.

With the advent of eDEP, BWSC considered eliminating the 7-Day Grace Period entirely given that MCP submittals now can be made to MassDEP at anytime without regard to the variants in mail delivery. However, after some deliberation the decision was made to keep the 7-Day Grace Period in the MCP regulations thereby allowing filers extra time to complete electronic submittals in case difficulties are encountered with eDEP.

We want to reiterate that if you encounter problems with an eDEP submittal, please send an email to the dedicated BWSC eDEP email box at MassDEP staff are assigned daily to respond to questions. We will work with you to find to the most appropriate option available to complete the submittal.

We urge you to not wait until the last days of the 7-Day Grace Period to file your MCP submittal. It is not often that eDEP is down for more than a few hours, but as with any electronic system, unanticipated outages do happen. If you are unable to file through eDEP, the BWSC125, Notification of a Non-Electronic Submittal needs to be filed and post marked by the end of the 7-Day Grace Period to complete the submittal. In order to make timely submittals, please plan accordingly.

For your information included below is current FAQ regarding calculating the 7-Day Grace Period:

A 7-day grace period from the actual due date is allowed for most submittals. Exceptions are listed at 310 CMR 40.0008(5). In other words, if given by electronic transmission the document is considered received by the due date, if the date the transmission is delivered to the Department is within 7 calendar days of the actual submittal due date.

Calculating the 7-day grace period in eDEP is the same as for a paper submittal:

  • If the actual submittal due date falls on a weekend, holiday or any other day MassDEP offices are closed, the due date runs to the end of the next business day and the 7-day grace period is calculated from that day.
  • If the 7th day of the grace period falls on a weekend, holiday or any other day MassDEP offices are closed, the last day of the 7-day grace period is the next business day.

When contacting MassDEP regarding a BWSC eDEP question, please submit the question to the appropriate email box noted below:

  • For most questions relating to eDEP and BWSC Forms, please email the BWSC eDEP email box, In addition, questions or problems with BWSC Permits and Reports, BWSC Site Files, WSC Resource Maps, WSC Data Requests and Corrections, and LSP Change of Address and LSP Proofs should also go to
  • For technical eDEP problems, such as system slowness or availability, forms or attachments not uploading, blank screens etc., please email the EEA Help Desk,

Directing questions to the appropriate email box ensures that you get the assistance you need in as timely manner as possible, and avoids the confusion of multiple forwarding of emails.