September 9, 2008
Mt Hope Bay Boom Deployment Exercise

On September 9, 2008 as part of the Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) an oil spill equipment deployment exercise was held in the Taunton River. PREP exercises are held every 3 years and are designed to evaluate the response capability in a given area to ensure adequate pollution response preparedness. Three facilities participated in this industry led exercise Dominion Energy, Seaboats and Somerset Power. One of the objectives of the exercise was to test booming strategies contained in the facilities response plans. MassDEP staff together with Federal, State and local response agencies observed and evaluated this aspect of the exercise.

The below report summarizes the exercise objectives and presents lessons learned for this boom deployment.

Mt Hope Bay Boom Deployment Exercise pdf format of Marine Oil Spills: Mt. Hope Training Event
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April 24, 2008

Wild Harbor River

MassDEP sponsored a municipal first responder oil spill training exercise on April 24, 2008 at the Sea Crest Resort, North Falmouth, Ma. and the Wild Harbor area. Approximately 50 Federal, State and Local responders came together to coordinate deployment of oil spill response equipment provided by MassDEP and to test oil spill protection strategies found in the Buzzards Bay Geographic Response Plan.

Weather conditions were sunny, in the 60's, wind and sea conditions were minimal.  With contractor assistance response crews deployed 1600 feet of 18" hard boom in a chevron configuration at the mouth of Wild Harbor River. 

A second deployment (GRP map DV 01a) utilized 500 feet in a deflection strategy that proved very effective.  Lessons learned from this exercise will be incorporated into the Buzzards Bay GRP and can be found at

Wild Harbor River GRP


Wild Harbor River GRP pdf format of Draft GRP for Buzzards Bay:  Wild Harbor, BB-30

Wild Harbor River GRP Photos
Wild Harbor River GRP Photos pdf format of Marine Oil Spills: Wild Harbor Training Event  Photos
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Training Presentations

Training Presentations

In order to assist emergency responders with additional training, or to introduce new staff to some of the training procedures connected with oil spill response, please review the presentations linked below.

Basic Boom Techniques pdf format of Oil Spill Basic Booming Techniques
file size 4MB
Oil Spill Response Training pdf format of Overheads: Your Oil Spill Response Trailer
file size 1MB
Boom Deployment Exercise pdf format of Oil Spill Boom Deployment Exercise
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