Each trailer is equipped with ten 25 lb. Danforth anchors, fixed with six feet of chain. A length of poly line should be tied with a loop knot on both ends and fixed to the anchor and bridle with shackles. Before tying the line to the bridle end the anchor buoy needs a knot tied before and after the float.

Prepare the line with tape before cutting. 

Prepare Line Anchors

Tie a loop knot, and secure the shackle with a tie wrap.
Loopknot Anchors  
The anchor line components.
Anchor Components

Typical anchor, bridle and boom configuration
Anchor Configuration

Booms can also be secured to land using the steel reinforcing rods. The trailer contains six 8' 1/2" rebar to be used as land anchors, which can be hammered in place with a sledge hammer.