Each trailer is equipped with 800 feet of 18" boom in eight 100' sections and 200 feet of 12" boom in four 50' sections.
Boom Trailer 2

The boom contains a foam batten with wire cable support on top and chain on the bottom section, with metal plates on each bridle end. All attachments should be made to the bottom ring on the bridle ends and not to any other part of the boom.
Important! Making attachments to the chain or other parts of the boom will result in tearing and failure of the boom. 

Boom components 

Boom Bridle 2


The bridle has a universal end-plate which will attach to all types of booms. It is important to ensure the bridle pin is in place before deployment.


Boom Assemble


Bridle components 


A typical anchor, boom/bridle configuration


Anchor Configuration