Each response trailer contains the same supplies and can be accessed with the same key. The trailer is composed of three compartments; a forward compartment on the right side, a middle compartment on the left side and the boom compartment in the rear.


10 25 lb. Anchors w/ 6 ft. chain
10 Anchor Buoys
Broom & Shovel
Sledge Hammer
8 Towing Bridles with Connectors
Caution Tape
First Aid Kit
Eye Wash
Chicken Boots
Duct Tape
Nitrile & Leather Gloves
Safety Glasses
Portable Lights
Tyvek Suits
Spools of 1/2" Rope
Life Jackets
Boat Hook


2000 Watt Generator
Electric Air Compressor
5 Bales of Sorbent Boom
2 Bales of Snare
5 Bags of Speedy Dry
5 Bales of Sorbent Pads
12" Inflatable Bladder
18" Inflatable Bladder
24" Inflatable Bladder
10 Rebar Steel Rods



(4) 50 ft. sections -12" Boom
(8) 100 ft. sections -18" Boom

Forward Compartment
Middle Compartment
Rear Compartment