Trustees assess injuries to natural resources resulting from spills and releases of oil and hazardous materials and substances, bring claims against responsible parties for monetary damages to compensate the public for these injuries, and plan and implement projects to restore, replace or acquire the equivalent of natural resources and the services that they provide to the environment and the public.  Restoration projects must relate or have a nexus to natural resources and/or natural resource services that were injured by the spills or releases associated with the settlements.  MassDEP and other Natural Resource Trustees identify restoration projects through solicitations for restoration ideas and proposals through formal restoration planning processes as well as grant announcements.  

BWSC-2015-NRD-03 Housatonic River NRD Fund Second Subround of Round 3 Restoration Projects Proposals for Land Acquisition to Conserve Habitat  pdf format of Housatonic River NRD Fund Round 3 Proposals
file size 1MB doc format of                             Housatonic River NRD Fund Round 3 Proposals

Announcement and application materials for second subround of Round 3 Restoration Project Proposals for habitat-conservation land-acquisition projects under the Housatonic River Natural Resource Damages Fund. October 2015.

Recent NRD Funding Awards  pdf format of Recent NRD Funding Awards
doc format of                             Recent NRD Funding Awards

Table of NRD awards in 2014.