Published April 25, 2014

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List of MCP Subparts

A General Provisions

B Organization and Responsibilities

C Notification of Releases

D Preliminary Response Actions

E Tier Classification and Deadlines

F Reserved

G Reserved

H Comprehensive Response Actions

I Risk Characterization

J Permanent and Temporary Solutions

K Audits

L Cost Recovery

M Administrative Record

N Public Involvement

O Reserved

P Oil and Hazardous Material List pdf format of MOHML  Alphabetical List

Detailed Table of Contents


40.0001:   Authority
40.0002:   Purpose
40.0003:   Applicability
40.0005:   Effective Dates
40.0006:   Terminology, Definitions, and Acronyms
40.0007:   Rules of Construction
40.0008:   Computation of Time Periods and Deadlines
40.0009:   Certification of Submittals
40.0010:   Effect of Orders and Appeals
40.0011:   Confidentiality of Information
40.0013:   Presumption of Irreparable Harm
40.0014:   Document Retention
40.0015:   Content of Waste Site Cleanup Activity Opinions
(40.0016:   Laboratory Certification:  Reserved)
40.0017:   Environmental Sample Collection and Analyses
40.0018:   Health and Safety Procedures
40.0019:   Violations of Environmental Restrictions
40.0020:   Violations of a Permanent or Temporary Solution
40.0021:   Unlawful Interference with Response Actions
40.0022:   Accurate and Timely Submittal of Documents
40.0023:   Accurate and Complete Record-keeping
40.0024:   Timely Action and Anticipatory Noncompliance
40.0025:   Extensions of Deadlines and Time Periods for Force Majeure
40.0027:   Remedial Monitoring Report
40.0028:   Well Maintenance and Security
40.0030:   Management Procedures for Remediation Waste
40.0031:   General Provisions for the Management of Remediation Waste
40.0032:   Contaminated Media and Contaminated Debris
40.0033:   Uncontainerized Waste
40.0034:   Bill of Lading Process
40.0035:   Bill of Lading Form
40.0036:   Management Requirements for Storing Remediation Waste
40.0040:   Management Procedures for Remedial Wastewater and Remedial Additives
40.0041:   General Provisions for the management of Remedial Wastewater and/or Remedial Additives
40.0042:   Remedial Wastewater Discharges to Surface Water
40.0043:   Remedial Wastewater Discharges to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW)
40.0044:   Remedial Wastewater Discharges to Non-publicly Owned Treatment Works
40.0045:   Remedial Wastewater Discharges to the Ground Surface or Subsurface and/or Groundwater
40.0046:   Application of Remedial Additives
40.0047:   Reporting Requirements for Discharges of Remedial Wastewater and Remedial Additives
40.0049:   Remedial Air Emissions
40.0050:   Appeals of Orders and Permits
40.0051:   Appeals Relative to Administrative Penalties
40.0060:   Special Project Designation Permits
40.0061:   Purpose and Eligibility
40.0062:   Procedures for Applying Special Project Designation
40.0063:   Approval of Applications for Special Project Designation Permits, and Special Project
                 Designation Permit Modifications, Transfers or Extensions
40.0064:   Special Project Designation Conditions
40.0065:   Modification of Special Project Designation Permit
40.0066:   Transfer of Special Project Designation Permit
40.0067:   Extension of Special Project Designation Permit
40.0068:   Termination of Special Project Designation Permit
40.0069:   Suspension and Revocation of Special Project Designation Permit
40.0070:   Approval Process for Special Project Designation Permits


40.0100:   Overview of Roles and Responsibilities in Response Actions
40.0101:   Role of the Department in Response Actions
(40.0102 through 40.0104:   Roles of Other State Agencies and Organizations:   Reserved)
(40.0105 through 40.0109:   Role of Local Government:   Reserved)
40.0110:   Adequately Regulated Sites
40.0111:   Federal Superfund Program
40.0112:   Federal Corrective Action Pursuant to HSWA
40.0113:   RCRA Authorized State Hazardous Waste Program (M.G.L. c. 21C and 310 CMR
                 30.000:  Hazardous Waste )
40.0114:   Solid Waste Management Facilities
40.0120:   Coordination with Responses by the United States Coast Guard to Discharges of Oil
40.0150:   Role of Other Persons
40.0160:   Departmental Notice to Responsible Parties and Potentially Responsible Parties
40.0165:   Departmental Requests for Information (RFI)
40.0166:   Department Right of Entry
40.0167:   Interim Deadlines
40.0168:   List of Locations and Disposal Sites
40.0169:   The Role of Licensed Site Professionals
40.0170:   The Role of RPs, PRPs and Other Persons in Response Actions
40.0171:   Failure to Perform a Response Action
40.0172:   Technical, Financial, and Legal Inabilities
40.0173:   Site Access Authorization
40.0180:   Downgradient Property Status
40.0181:   Purpose
40.0182:   Applicability
40.0183:   General Requirements and Procedures for Asserting Downgradient Property Status
40.0184:    Effect of Providing Downgradient Property Status Submittal or Modification of a Downgradient
                 Property Status Submittal
40.0185:   Maintenance of Downgradient Property Status
40.0186:   Termination of Downgradient Property Status  
40.0187:   Modification of Downgradient Property Status Submittal
40.0190:   General Requirements for Conducting Response Actions
40.0191:   Response Action  Performance Standard (RAPS)
40.0193:   Technical Justification


40.0300:   Notification of Releases and Threats of Release of Oil and Hazardous Materials; Identification
                  and Listing of Oil and Hazardous Material
40.0301:   Purpose and Scope
40.0302:   Applicability
40.0303:   Role of Licensed Site Professional
40.0310:   Releases and Threats of Release Which Require Notification
40.0311:   Releases Which Require Notification Within Two Hours
40.0312:   Threats of Releases Which Require Notification Within Two Hours
40.0313:   Releases Which Require Notification Within 72 Hours
40.0314:   Threats of Release Which Require Notification Within 72 Hours
40.0315:   Releases that Require Notification Within 120 Days
40.0317:   Releases and Threats of Release Which Do Not Require Notification
40.0318:   Limited Removal Actions
40.0320:   Releases and Threats of Release that Pose Imminent Hazards
40.0321:   Reporting of Releases and Threats of Release that Pose or Could Pose an Imminent Hazard
40.0322:   Response Actions to Prevent or Abate Imminent Hazards
40.0330:   Notification Requirements and Procedures
40.0331:   Who Shall Notify
40.0332:   Timing of Notifications
40.0333:   How to Notify
40.0334:   Content of the Notification
40.0335:   Retracting a Notification
40.0336:   Notification Requirements for Persons that Receive a Notice of Responsibility
40.0340:   Identification of Oil and Hazardous Material
40.0341:   Purpose and Scope
40.0342:   Methods of Identification of Oil and Hazardous Material
40.0343:   Criteria for Listing Oil and Hazardous Material
40.0344:   Adding and Deleting Substances to or from the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Materials List
40.0345:   The Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Materials List
40.0346:   Criteria for Determining the Characteristics of Hazardous Material
40.0347:   Characteristics of Hazardous Material
40.0350:   Reportable Quantities for Oil and Hazardous Material
40.0351:   Reportable Quantities for Oil
40.0352:   Reportable Quantities for Hazardous Material
40.0360:   Reportable Concentrations for Oil and Hazardous Material
40.0361:   Reportable Concentrations of Oil and Hazardous Material in Soil
40.0362:   Reportable Concentrations of Oil and Hazardous Material in Groundwater
40.0370:   Requirements for Releases of Oil and/or Hazardous Material That Do Not Require Notification
40.0371:   Release Notification Form


40.0400:   Preliminary Response Actions and Risk Reduction Measures
40.0401:   Purpose and Scope
40.0402:   Applicability
40.0403:   Responses to Releases and Threats of Release
40.0404:   Timing of Response Actions
40.0405:   Overview of Preliminary Response Actions
40.0406:   Possible Outcomes of Preliminary Response Actions
40.0410:   Immediate Response Actions
40.0411:   General Provisions for Immediate Response Actions
40.0412:   Sites Where an Immediate Response Action is Required
40.0414:   Scope and Types of Immediate Response Actions
40.0420:   Requirements, Approvals, and Time Lines for Conducting Immediate Response Actions
40.0421:   Immediate Response Actions That Do Not Require Prior Approval From the Department
40.0424:   Immediate Response Action Plans
40.0425:   Immediate Response Action Status and Remedial Monitoring Reports
40.0426:   Imminent Hazard Evaluations
40.0427:   Immediate Response Action Completion Reports
40.0428:   Public Involvement
40.0429:   Possible Outcomes of an Immediate Response Action
40.0440:   Release Abatement Measures
40.0441:   General Provisions for Release Abatement Measures
40.0442:   Scope and Types of Release Abatement Measures
40.0443:   Approvals Required to Conduct Release Abatement Measures
40.0444:   Release Abatement Measure Plans
40.0445:   Release Abatement Measure Status and Remedial Monitoring Reports
40.0446:   Release Abatement Measure Completion Report
40.0447:   Public Involvement
40.0448:   Possible Outcomes of a Release Abatement Measure
40.0460:   Utility-related Abatement Measures
40.0461:   General Provisions for Utility-related Abatement Measures
40.0462:   Conducting Utility-related Abatement Measures
40.0463:   Approvals Required to Conduct Utility-related Abatement Measures
40.0464:   Performance Standards for Utility-related Abatement Measures
40.0465:   Utility-related Abatement Measures Status and Remedial Monitoring Reports
40.0466:   Utility-related Abatement Measure Completion Reports
40.0467:   Possible Outcomes of Utility-related Abatement Measures
40.0480:   Phase I - Initial Site Investigation Report
40.0481:   General Provisions for Phase I Initial Site Investigation Report
40.0482:   Performance Standards
40.0483:   Content of Phase I Report
40.0484:   Phase I Report Completion Statement
40.0485:   Public Involvement
40.0486:   Possible Outcomes of a Phase I Report


40.0500:   Tier Classification and Response Action Deadlines
40.0501:   Scope and Applicability
40.0502:   Tier ID Disposal Sites
40.0510:   Tier Classification Process
40.0520:   Basis for Tier Classification
40.0530:   Reclassification by RPs, PRPs or Other Persons during Response Actions
40.0540:   Demonstration of Ability and Willingness
40.0560:   Response Action Deadlines and Requirements for Tier Classified Disposal Sites
40.0570:   Requirements for Eligible Persons, Eligible Tenants or Other Persons Seeking to Re-establish Response Action Deadlines
40.0583:   Department Reclassification of a Tier Classified Disposal Site
40.0584:   Participation by the Public, RPs, PRPs, and Other Persons in Department Reclassification
40.0585:   Right to Request an Adjudicatory Hearing
40.0590:   Public Involvement




40.0800:   Comprehensive Response Actions
40.0801:   Applicability
40.0810:   General Provisions for Comprehensive Response Action
40.0830:   Phase II - Comprehensive Site Assessment
40.0832:   General Provisions
40.0833:   Performance Standards
40.0834:   Conceptual Phase II Scope of Work
40.0835:   Phase II Report
40.0836:   Phase II Completion Statement
40.0839:   Public Involvement
40.0840:   Possible Outcomes
40.0850:   Phase III - Identification, Evaluation and Selection of Comprehensive Remedial Action Alternatives
40.0852:   General Provisions
40.0853:   Performance Standards
40.0855:   Identification and Evaluation of Remedial Action Alternatives
40.0856:   Initial Screening of Likely Remedial Action Alternatives
40.0857:   Detailed Evaluation of Remedial Action Alternatives
40.0858:   Detailed Evaluation Criteria
40.0859:   Selection of Remedial Action Alternative
40.0860:   Feasibility Evaluations
40.0861:   Remedial Action Plan
40.0862:   Phase III Completion Statement
40.0863:   Public Involvement
40.0864:   Possible Outcome
40:0870:   Phase IV - Implementation of the Selected Comprehensive Remedial Alternative
40.0871:   General Provisions
40.0872:   Performance Standards
40.0874:   Remedy Implementation Plan (RIP)
40.0875:   As-built Construction Report
40.0877:   Phase IV Status Report and Remedial Monitoring Report
40.0878:   Final Inspection Report
40.0879:   Phase IV Completion Statement
40.0880:   Public Involvement
40.0881:   Possible Outcomes
40.0890:   Operation, Maintenance, and/or Monitoring of Comprehensive Response Actions
40.0891:   General Provisions
40.0892:   Phase V Status and Remedial Monitoring Reports
40.0893:   Remedy Operation Status
40.0894:   Phase V Completion Statement
40.0895:   Public Involvement
40.0896:   Possible Outcomes
40.0897:   Post-temporary Solution Operation, Maintenance and/or Monitoring
40.0898:   Post-temporary Solution Status and Remedial Monitoring Reports


40.0900:   Procedures and Standards for the Characterization of the Risk of Harm to Health, Safety, Public Welfare, and the Environment
40.0901:   Applicability and General Requirements
40.0902:   Purpose of the Risk Characterization
40.0903:   Scope of the Risk Characterization and Supporting Documentation
40.0904:   Site Information Required for Risk Characterization
40.0920:   Receptor Information Required for Risk Characterization
40.0921:   Identification of Human Receptors
40.0922:   Identification of Environmental Receptors
40.0923:   Identification of Site Activities and Uses
40.0924:   Identification of Exposure Points
40.0925:   Identification of Exposure Pathways
40.0926:   Identification of Exposure Point Concentrations and Other Data Criteria
40.0930:   Identification of Site Groundwater and Soil Categories
40.0931:   Purpose
40.0932:   Identification of Applicable Groundwater Categories
40.0933:   Identification of Applicable Soil Categories
40.0940:   Methods for Characterizing Risk of Harm
40.0941:   Approaches to Characterizing Risk of Harm
40.0942:   Selection of Method to Characterize the Risk of Harm to Health, Public Welfare, and the Environment
40.0950:   Imminent Hazard Evaluations and Substantial Hazard Evaluations
40.0951:   Purpose and Scope of Imminent Hazard Evaluations
40.0953:   Exposures to be Considered in Imminent Hazard Evaluations
40.0955:   Imminent Hazard Risk Characterization and Outcome
40.0956:   Substantial Hazard Evaluations
40.0960:   Characterization of Risk to Safety
40.0970:   Method 1 Risk Characterization
40.0971:   Applicability of Method 1
40.0972:   General Approach to Method 1
40.0973:   Method 1 Risk Characterization
40.0974:   Identification of Applicable Groundwater Standards in Method 1
40.0975:   Identification of Applicable Soil Standards in Method 1
40.0980:   Method 2 Risk Characterization
40.0981:   Applicability of Method 2
40.0982:   General Approach to Method 2
40.0983:   Derivation of Additional Method 1 Groundwater Standards for Use in Method 2
40.0984:   Derivation of Additional Method 1 Soil Standards for Use in Method 2
40.0985:   Determination of Method 2 Soil Standards Considering Leaching Potential
40.0986:   Determination of Method 2 GW-2 Standards
40.0987:   Determination of MCP Method 2 GW-3 Standards
40.0988:   Method 2 Risk Characterization
40.0990:   Risk Characterization Method 3
40.0991:   Applicability of Method 3
40.0992:   General Approach to Method 3
40.0993:   Method 3 Human Health Risk Characterization
40.0994:   Method 3 Public Welfare Risk Characterization
40.0995:   Method 3 Environmental Risk Characterization
40.0996:   Method 3 Upper Concentration Limits


40.1000:   Permanent and Temporary Solutions
40.1001:   Purpose
40.1002:   Applicability
40.1003:   General Provisions for Permanent and Temporary Solutions
40.1004:   Performance Standards for Permanent and Temporary Solutions
40.1005:   Defining the "Foreseeable Period of Time" for Purposes of a Permanent Solution
40.1012:   Application of Activity and Use Limitations
40.1013:   Limitations, Assumptions and Conditions on Site Activities and Uses That Do Not Require an AUL
40.1020:   Background Levels of Oil and Hazardous Material
40.1025:   Requirements for Active Exposure Pathway Mitigation Measures Implemented as a Permanent Solution with Conditions
40.1026:   Requirements for Active Exposure Pathway Mitigation Measures Implemented as a Part of a Temporary Solution or Remedy Operation Status
40.1030:   Categories of Permanent and Temporary Solutions
40.1040:   Permanent Solutions
40.1041:   Categories of  Permanent Solutions
40.1050:   Temporary Solutions
40.1055:   Transition Provisions
40.1056:   Content of Permanent Solution Statements
40.1057:   Content of Temporary Solution Statements
40.1066:   Effect of Permanent or Temporary Solutions on Fees
40.1067:   Remedial Actions After a Permanent or Temporary Solution has been Submitted to the Department
40.1070:   Implementation of Activity and Use Limitations
40.1071:   Grants of Environmental Restrictions for Disposal Sites Where a RP, PRP or Other Person Conducts Response Actions
40.1072:   Process for Applying for a Grant of Environmental Restriction
40.1073:   Environmental Restrictions for Disposal Sites Where the Department Conducts Response Actions
40.1074:   Notice of Activity and Use Limitation
40.1075:   Form of Notice of Activity and Use Limitation
40.1080:   Changes in Site Activities and/or Uses or Other Site Conditions After an Activity and Use Limitation Has Been Filed
40.1081:   Amendment of Activity and Use Limitations
40.1082:   Process for Amending Grant of Environmental Restriction
40.1083:   Release or Termination of Activity and Use Limitations
40.1084:   Process for Implementing a Release of Grant of Environmental Restriction or Partial Release of Grant of Environmental Restriction
40.1085:   Correction of Notices of Activity and Use Limitations
40.1090:   Public Involvement Requirements
40.1099:   Forms for Activity and Use Limitations


40.1101:   Purpose, Scope and Applicability
40.1110:   Selection of Persons, Response Action and Sites for Audit
40.1120:   Audit Activities
40.1130:   Initiation of Audit
40.1131:   Response Actions During Audits
40.1140:   Notice of Audit Findings
40.1160:   Audit Follow-up Plans
40.1170:   Post Audit Completion Statements
40.1190:   Reservation of Rights


40.1200:   Cost Recovery
40.1201:   Purpose, Scope, and Applicability
40.1202:   General Provisions
40.1220:   Recovery of Response Action Costs Incurred in Response Actions
40.1221:   Calculation of Indirect Rate
40.1250:   Procedures for Liens
40.1251:   Notice of Intent to Perfect a Lien
40.1252:   Content of Notice of Intent to Perfect a Lien
40.1253:   Service of Notice of Intent to Perfect a Lien
40.1254:   Right to Adjudicatory Hearing
40.1255:   Waiver of Right to Adjudicatory Hearing
40.1256:   Conducting the Adjudicatory Hearing
40.1257:   Reservation of Rights
40.1260:   Petitions for Reimbursement of Incurred Costs
40.1261:   Right to Petition for Reimbursement
40.1262:   Content of Petition
40.1263:   Timing of Petition
40.1264:   Grounds for Reimbursement
40.1265:   Petitions not Subject to M.G.L. c. 30A


40.1301:   Purpose, Scope, and Applicability
40.1302:   When the Department May Establish an Administrative Record
40.1303:   Participation by the Public, RPs, and PRPs
40.1304:   Administrative Record Requirements After Certification
40.1305:   Content of the Administrative Record
40.1306:   Location of the Administrative Record


40.1400:   Public Involvement - General Approach for Response Actions
40.1401:   General Principles for Public Involvement in Response Actions
40.1402:   Responsibility for Performing Public Involvement Activities in Response Actions
40.1403:   Minimum Public Involvement Activities in Response Actions
40.1404:   Public Involvement Plan Site Designation
40.1405:   Additional Public Involvement Activities Required for Public Involvement Plan Sites
40.1406:   Notification to Owners of Property within the Boundaries of a Disposal Site
(40.1407:   Community Site Inspection:   Reserved)
40.1450:   Technical Assistance Grants
40.1451:   Purpose and Scope of Technical Assistance Grants
40.1452:   Grant Availability
40.1453:   Eligible Applicants
40.1454:   Eligible Activities
40.1455:   Notice Provisions
40.1456:   Grant Application Process
40.1457:   Grant Selection Process
40.1458:   Payment Method
40.1459:   Fiscal Management of Grants
40.1460:   Records to be Maintained by Grantees
40.1461:   Inspection of Projects
40.1462:   Honest Practices



40.1600: Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material List