The MCP GW-1 groundwater standards (310 CMR 40.0974(2)) apply to groundwater that is either a current drinking water resource (e.g., within a Zone 2 of a public water supply) or a potential future source of drinking water, such as a Potentially Productive Aquifer. The criteria used to categorize groundwater as GW-1 are specified in regulation, at 310 CMR 40.0932. These standards are intended to address the potential health effects associated with the use of the groundwater, including ingestion of the water, inhalation of contaminants volatilizing from the water during showering, and dermal absorption of contaminants while in contact with the water.

Documentation for the GW-1 Standards

List of Current Method 1 GW-1 Standards - 310 CMR 40.0974(2)

List of Massachusetts Drinking Water Standards and Guidelines
(applicable to Public Water Supplies regulated pursuant to 310 CMR 22)