Active Exposure Pathway Mitigation Measures (AEPMM) that are part of a Permanent Solution, Temporary Solution or Remedy Operation Status require the use of remote monitoring technology to provide immediate notification to both MassDEP and the owner and operator of the building protected by the AEPMM upon failure of the AEPMM, as the result of loss of power, mechanical failure or other significant disruption of the effectiveness of the system (pursuant to 310 CMR 40.1025(3)(d) and 40.1026(3)(d), respectively).

A printable Remote Telemetry Q&A is available here  pdf format of A printable Remote Telemetry Q&A is available here


Remote Monitoring Registration Process

Updated Effective February 1, 2016


1.    Select and install AEPMM Remote Monitoring System

✓ System must be able to communicate via text or email. Registration of new systems that rely on voicemail will not be accepted on or after February 1, 2016.


✓ System must be able to immediately communicate BOTH system shutdown AND system restart.  

Shutdown and Restart event notifications, by email or text, must be sent to:


✓ System must be able to communicate in the CSV (comma separated values) format and as close to the sequence specified below as possible, with each value enclosed in quotes.              

Site RTN, Device Number (01, 02, etc.), Event Description (Shutdown, Restart), Event Date: YYYYMMDD, Event Time: HH:MM (24 hour format).

For example, a text message notification of a shutdown of device number 01 belonging to RTN 1-12345 that occurred at 7:25 PM on June 20, 2015 would look like:


IF the device is not capable of reporting in this exact sequence, then, at a minimum, it must relay ALL of the required information requested above. It is crucial that the data, regardless of order in which it is presented, be enclosed in quotation marks and be transmitted in a single text block message (not transmitted in separate emails). If the date format cannot be presented as YYYYMMDD, then the format in which the date is delivered must be the same EVERY TIME a message is sent. If the 24 hour time format cannot be met, then at a minimum the device must differentiate between day and night (AM and PM).

Notification emails should include the word "Notification" in the email subject.  


2.     Initiate the AEPMM remote monitoring system registration by completing the Initial Device Registration using the form below.


3.     MassDEP will contact you within 5 business days to arrange to conduct a system shutdown and restart communication test.


4.     On the date of the test or the following business day, you will receive a confirmation email from MassDEP of the results of the communication test. If the test is successful, you will concurrently receive confirmation that the AEPMM remote monitoring system has been successfully registered and the process is complete.


Initial Device Registration

Complete the Initial Device Registration Form below and click send. If this information is successfully received, you will receive a confirmation email with the subject line "RE: Device Registration". If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact MassDEP at:


RTN: - Device Number: (01, 02, etc)
Device Installation Date:
Device Type(s) Monitored: (Pump, fan, etc):

Telemetry Device Manufacturer:

Telemetry Device Make:

Telemetry Device Model #:

Method of data transfer being used with this device (Email or Text):

Description of the Notification Events (shutdown, restart, etc...)
the system is programmed to report:

AEPMM Location (Building Name, floor & room):



Contact Name:

Contact Organization:

Contact Email:

Contact Telephone:

Click "SEND" to submit this Device Registration by email.