Active Exposure Pathway Mitigation Measures (AEPMM) that are part of a Permanent Solution, Temporary Solution or Remedy Operation Status require the use of remote monitoring technology to provide immediate notification to both MassDEP and the owner and operator of the building protected by the AEPMM upon failure of the AEPMM, as the result of loss of power, mechanical failure or other significant disruption of the effectiveness of the system (pursuant to 310 CMR 40.1025(3)(d) and 40.1026(3)(d), respectively).

Notification must also be provided upon restart of the system.

Notifications to MassDEP of AEPMM shutdowns and restarts are to be made either by email, text messaging or telephone message: 



Phone:     (617) 292-5972


Initial Device Registration

At the time of installation a new AEPMM system, you must contact MassDEP at  and provide the following information for each AEPMM installed:


RTN:  ______________                               Device Number: ________   (01, 02, etc)

Device Installation Date:  ________________________

Device Type(s) Monitored: (Pump, fan, etc): ___________________________________

Description of the Notification Events (shutdown, restart, etc…
the system is programmed to report:__________________________________________


AEPMM Location (Building Name, floor & room): _______________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________________________

Town, State, Zip:  ________________________________________________________ 


Contact Name:  _________________________________________________________

Contact Organization:_____________________________________________________

Contact Email: __________________________________________________________

Contact Telephone: _______________________________________________________


Changes to this information should be sent by email to


Event Notification

The following information shall be emailed, texted or called in to the department by the remote telemetry system whenever when an AEPMM experiences a notification event (at a minimum, at any system shutdown or restart).  

    1. Site RTN:   _-_______
    2. Device Number: ________   (01, 02, etc)
    3. Event Description (Start, Shutdown, etc): _______________
    4. Event Date:      YYYY/MM/DD
    5. Event Time:  HH:MM  (24 hour format)

For example, a text message notification of a shutdown at 7:25 PM of June 20, 2015 would look like:


The Activity Description informs the Department of system failures and restarts. Systems may also be designed to send notifications for other triggers, such as a loss of pressure, reduction in air flow, or scheduled maintenance. MassDEP will accept notifications that exceed the minimum requirements of 310 CMR 40.1025(3)(d).