The Compendium of Quality Control Requirements and Performance Standards for Selected Analytical Protocols (WSC #10-320), effective date July 1, 2010, replaces the original Compendium (WSC #02-320, effective date May 21, 2004). The original CAM was updated and revised based on feedback received by the Department since its inception in 2004. The original protocols were revised to ensure consistency and clarity. All past Analytical Notes, new technologies, and EPA guidance were incorporated, as applicable. In addition, new CAM protocols were created for Perchlorate, EPA Method TO-15 and the MassDEP APH Method.


The following documents provide the regulated community with a compilation of recommended laboratory protocols, for the generation of analytical data used in support of assessment and evaluation decisions at disposal sites regulated under M.G.L.c. 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). These laboratory protocols include recommended analytical methods, reporting limit requirements, method-specific QC requirements and performance standards.

Compliance with the QC requirements and performance standards for these protocols will result in analytical data with "Presumptive Certainty" status. Analytical data with "Presumptive Certainty" status are data for which the MassDEP stipulates the precision, accuracy, and sensitivity have been adequately determined. Depending on the nature and use of the analytical data, a separate evaluation may be necessary to confirm that the quality and representativeness of data are sufficient for its intended use in support of a response action decision. Data that achieve "Presumptive Certainty" status must still be assessed for usability and representativeness in comparison to project objectives as specified in 310 CMR 40.1056(2)(k) and further described in the MassDEP Policy #WSC-07-350, MCP Representativeness Evaluations and Data Usability Assessments.

Adherence to this approach will promote inter-laboratory consistency and provide the regulated community with a greater degree of certainty regarding the quality of data used for MCP decision-making. MassDEP's issuance of these CAM requirements and performance standards is in no way intended to preempt the exercise of professional judgment by the data user in regards to the selection of analytical methods and associated QC requirements. However, it must be clearly understood that if an alternative analytical method is chosen to support MCP decisions, the data user is responsible for independently demonstrating the accuracy, precision, sensitivity, representativeness and overall usability for all analytical data pursuant to the requirements of 310 CMR 40.0017, 40.0191(2), and 40.1056(2)(k).

It should be noted that this document does not provide any specific guidance regarding proper sampling procedures, approaches to achieve representative sampling nor the type and frequency of field QC samples required to evaluate overall data representativeness or usability.

Documents are presented in both Microsoft Office Word and Adobe Acrobat formats. The Adobe format includes sectional bookmarks for the protocol status, analytical method overview, quality control requirements and performance standards table, and target analyte list.

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Effective Date of the DEP Compendium of Analytical Methods (CAM)

The effective date for Cleanup of Sites & Spills: WSC #10-320: Compendium of Quality Control Requirements and Performance Standards for Selected Analytical Protocols is July 1, 2010. For the purpose of meeting the requirements for "Presumptive Certainty," these protocols must be used on analyses conducted on or after July 1, 2010. These protocols may also be used optionally prior to July 1, 2010 (i.e., either the 2010 protocols or the original 2004 protocols may be used during the period prior to July 1, 2010).