Cleanup News and Updates

Information about Waste Site Cleanup meetings, projects, new documents, and training opportunities arranged by date.

Waste Sites and Reportable Releases Lookup

Search online by for sites by release tracking number, site name, address, status, and/or chemical type. Results include lists of site actions, maps, and links to both electronically submitted and scanned documents.

File Viewer - Waste Site Reportable Releases

The File Viewer provides rapidly updated access to files submitted electronically through eDEP and allows complex searches for those files. Please note that only reports and forms that have been submitted electronically are available using the Viewer.

Statistics on Cleaning Up Oil and Hazardous Waste Sites in Massachusetts

This page asks and answers questions about the progress of cleanups since 1993.

Spills - Emergency Preparedness and Response

Links to information about environmental impacts and emergency response techniques for handling a range of spill scenarios.

Help for Homeowners & Businesses

This series of explanations, guidelines, recommendations, and tips are provided to help you through the process of preventing and cleaning up spills on your property.

Waste Site Cleanup Program Advisory Committee

The Waste Site Cleanup Program Advisory Committee provides input to MassDEP on site cleanup regulations, policies and programs. In addition, the Committee serves as a forum for keeping interested organizations and individuals up to date on related MassDEP activities.  The Committee includes representation by Licensed Site Professionals, consultants, municipal officials, attorneys, real estate developers, small businesses, petroleum interests, academia, public health and environmental advocates, and water utilities. This group strives to meet monthly regularly and meetings are streamed live.  Videos of past meetings and additional information are available.

Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs)

Those private parties who are financially responsible under Massachusetts law for assessing and cleaning up confirmed and suspected hazardous waste sites must retain a licensed Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professional to oversee the assessment and cleanup work.

Licensed Site Professionals (LSP) Lookup

Use this form to gather specific information about LSP status and discipline.
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