The Public Involvement Requirements of the MCP raised questions from the regulated community about who was responsible for conducting PIP activities. In effort to clarify who should perform these activities(e.g., the Department, the PRP/LSP, or a combination of both), and to facilitate the implementation of public involvement activities at Tier IA sites, the Department has developed the table below. The table lists the public involvement activities that are specified in the MCP or in the Public Involvement Guidance, policy # WSC 800-90 and identifies the party required or recommended to conduct the activity. The Department understands that there may be site specific conditions which would occasionally require a variation from these procedures.


Respond to petitionMCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Interview petitioners and othersInterim Policy # WSC-800-90PRP and MassDEP
Develop and maintain mailing listMCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Develop DRAFT PIPMCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Review DRAFT PIP for compliance with MCP and guidanceMCP (310 CMR 40.0100)MassDEP
Finalize PIPMCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Review and approve Final PIPMCP (310 CMR 40.0100)MassDEP
Revise PIP as necessaryMCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP and MassDEP
Notification of any field work related to response actions involving a) the implementation of involving Phase IV remedial actions b) the use of respirators and other protective clothing, (c) or any sampling involving private drinking water supply wells, indoor air or surficial soils at any residential property adjacent to, or downgradient from any releaseMCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Prepare notifications (PIP meeting, IRA+IRA Completion Statement -Imminent Hazard, RAM, Permanent or Temporary Solution Statement, Phase reports, DPSMCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Mail notices of the availability of documents to mailing listMCP (310 CMR 40.1400) Interim Policy # WSC-800-90PRP
Mail notices of meetings, fact sheets, and etc. to mailing listMCP (310 CMR 40.1400) Interim Policy # WSC-800-90PRP
Prepare legal notices (Tier I Classification, Site Reclassification, Permit Modification, Transfer, or Extension, Tier II classification, PIP Mtg., AUL or Environmental Restriction)MCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Prepare MEPA Notices (changing a Tier I classification, availability of a RAP or RIP)MCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Coordinate and conduct dry runs with participantsRecommendedMassDEP
Coordinate meeting logistics (room, equipment, etc.)MCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Run PIP meeting and other meetings specified in the PIPRecommendedMassDEP
Prepare meeting summariesInterim Policy # WSC-800-90PRP
Draft responses to commentsRecommendedPRP or MassDEP
Respond to commentsMCP (310 CMR 40.0100)DEP
Mail responsiveness summariesInterim Policy # WSC-800-90DEP
Establish and Maintain the information repositoryMCP (310 CMR 40.1400)PRP
Respond to miscellaneous concernsRecommendedPRP and MassDEP